Tiktok Users Stay Alert: Facebook Lasso Is Coming in the Market

Facebook has recently announced that ‘Lasso’ will be arriving in the Indian market to compete with the Tiktok, a Chinese video app.

Facebook is now chasing Chinese shirt form video app Tiktok which has captured the Indian market. Lasso app will be available for iOS and Android. 

The company said in their recent conferences that Lasso will be heading in the market in a short span of time. Lasso will let the people share the short videos with the soundtracks and will be similar to Tiktok. 

Lasso Is released in the US market and the company officials are taking reviews from there and will launch in India very soon. 

Lasso lets you shoot short videos by adding soundtracks. The video playtime is approximately 15 seconds. You can also visit videos by hashtags or a browser page of themed collections. App has not many filters as in Tiktok but has an essence of teen vibes. Multiple soundtracks are available with different catalogues and users are taking benefits of slo-mo and fast-forwarding short videos, the app is well synchronised and is functioning better than Tiktok. 

Facebook is releasing Lasso under its own name and no different path have been constructed for it. You can log in to Facebook or Instagram to get entry to Lasso with certain security checks. All contents and data are public, which could be a concern for the users but will cover all the security measures in recent times. 

Facebook has bought around 10% shares in Reliance and will invest around 43,574 crores in Reliance Jio and is now aiming to capture Indian market with online services on small merchants through WhatsApp online transactions. Facebook will be a minority shareholder in jio and will benefit the Indian market as well. 

Lasso will have to face a tough competition with Tiktok as it is one of the most popular apps among Indians. Facebook will be aiming to build some business with the Jio in terms of online transactions, Internet services which they will be starting in WhatsApp and Instagram apps as well. Jio and Facebook deal will bring a big revolution in the market sector by introducing new ideas to the public that will benefit the users. 


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