Tiktok is Back: Returns back on Google and Apple App stores

Tiktok is regaining its position in India by paying Indians to download the app. Tiktok is back with a vengeance In India.

The Chinese short video app which was banned on April 17 came back strongly on the app stores. As soon as it returned back it moved up in the ranking of the most downloaded smartphone app in India within a span of two days.

On April 30, the day Tik Tok was restored on the app, it was the 90th most downloaded app on Google play store in India and 13th among the category of social apps. On May 1, it is 15th in the list of most downloaded application in India and 4th among social apps. Tik Tok was missed by its users. Users were in a great distress level while it was not available.

This was taken down on April 17, by the Madras high court because of its quality of videos that are uploaded on this app. Madras high court, while analysing this case, came to the conclusion that it is harmful to the children. So the banned this app from Google and apple play stores. But as soon as the ban was lifted up, Tiktok reached to the new levels. It was ranked among the most popular app in India.

The app has suffered a great loss during the ban. So from now, the app has found a new strategy to gain its customers. Every day from 1 May – 16 May, the app is offering users to download the app and get a  chance to win Rs. 1 Lacs. These type of technique will surely help Tiktok to gain its losing customers and some new customers as well.

Keeping in mind the quality of videos and caution for the videos, company on 1st May announced the upgradation of two new features: new notifications control, and a device management tool that will help users create logins to their devices to limit hacks. It also launched various security steps like a quiz to Detect the original customers, aiming to teach the customers about various topics like password safety, attempts and scam websites.

Last month as election started app started showing warning messages to not share any fake news regarding politics or any other issues.


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