Telegram New Feature: Now record live stream and video chat in Telegram, know what are the other features in the latest update

The messaging app Telegram has given users the facility of recording live streams and video chats in the latest update. Eight chat themes will be available on this updated app and each theme will have both day and night versions. Apart from this, in the updated app, users will also get new interactive emojis, read receipts of messages sent in the group with full-screen effect, that is, they will be able to get information about who has read the messages sent in the group. Telegram has given information about the new features through a blogpost.

The new features will be available for both Android and iOS users. According to the blog post, the new chat theme can also be added and customized for individual chats. Under the new theme, users will get the facility to organize their chats with animated backgrounds, message bubbles, special background patterns.

Important features in the updated version of Telegram

  • Users have to go to the chat window for which they want to change the theme, click on the three dot icon and then choose the option of change colors to enable the theme. Anyone you’re chatting with will also see this changed theme.
  • A new set of animated emojis has been given in the updated app, whose effect will be visible on full screen. This will prove to be chatty and expressive.
  • If the chat window and the chat partner are open, both animation and vibration will happen simultaneously on the smartphone.
  • Users can check whether the message sent to the front user has been received or not and whether they have read it or not. The double-check icon will indicate that the messages have been read.
  • In small groups, you will also be able to see who has read the message you have sent. However, within seven days of sending the message, information about who has read the message sent in the group will be available.
  • With the updated live stream feature, users will not only be able to add unlimited people but will also be able to record it so that those who have missed out can get a chance to watch it.
  • The group admin can start recording by going to the broadcast menu, after which this file will be uploaded to the saved messages immediately.

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