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Social Music App Resso enters India

Bytedance social music app Resso enters India. Resso also joins the party with all other music apps that are running in India. Resso is embedded with awesome features to enjoy music and get the experience from this newly fragmented app. It has subscription packs that are budget-friendly and can be accepted from the general audience.

In the recent past, we have been witnessing many music apps entering the world of music with their features and packs that are best suited to the audience. Same as Resso enters India, and joins the party of the music streaming apps. 

Resso shares its parent company with Tiktok, both these apps are owned by Bytedance. 

Tiktok is one of the most popular apps in India. It has gained around 200 million followers in no time. Since music is the big part of this app and Tiktok has gained some immersed big numbers in no time. Tiktok has been under so. Many illusions in the recent past, but have overcome all the hurdles and now is one of the most popular apps among Indians.

Resso offers a great experience while listening to music. When you open the app, music starts playing in an infinite scrolling, that introduces new songs, artist and genres. Resso has some of the features that are not exhibited by many running apps. 

Resso is trying to change the pattern of music and is now rolling some features that you may miss in some other apps. The main aim of this app is to encourage music lovers to inculcate themselves in the app and can express themselves through this app. According to Resso, the relationship between music lovers is a bit passive and it is more of comment and all. But Resso is trying to transform it and present before the audience in a new way. 

In a media briefing, they mentioned that they have secured license from Sony Music Entertainment, Merlin and Beggars Group, Warner Music Group and it includes major Indian music brands as well that includes T-series, Saregama, YRF Music, Times Music, Venus and Shemaroo. 

Features and Subscriptions of Resso

Resso has some mind-blowing features and subscription packs that are best suited to music lovers. According to the reports, Resso has a vibes feature from where users can create music, videos, pictures, gifs based on the songs and lyrics of the songs. It also has an inbuilt feature in which the audience can comment on the songs. Resso administrators will keep an eye on all the activities including comments. 

Resso opts for a free premium model, where users will. Get the music streamed to them without ads music streaming without ads will be the best features for its users. It has a 256kbps streaming as well as the ability to skip infinite tracks. It’s price starts from 99 for Android and 119 for iOS. 


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