Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Review: The best Android Phone of 2020

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is the most valuable among all-new Galaxy S10 series. It has a better camera, larger screen, and affordable price tag. And, the big announcement for Samsung phone lovers is that they can avail Galaxy S10 Plus by numerous retailers at the best-discounted rate. Be sure to check out the deals going on.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Review – Screen & Hardware

Samsung has moved from a 4-inch AMOLED display to a 6.4-inch curved AMOLED screen. Its also implanted with a fingerprint scanner, rear-mounted, and dual-selfie cameras. 

The important thing you can observe about the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is the extensive 6.4-inch Quad HD+ AMOLED display. However there is a tiny bezel throughout the display, it seems like the screen fills each convenient edge of the phone.

Other than these features, the OLED panel on the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is astounding. It’s rich with superb shades and delight to chasm on a boxset throughout your commute on that extraordinary display.

The Galaxy S10 Plus is materially more modest than its predecessor. The vicinity and ambient light sensors are also implanted beneath the screen. 

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Review – Camera

 The Galaxy S10 Plus, which is the unique model in the S10 range with dual front-facing cameras. It is the only gadget proficient in shooting Live Center selfies. These images insert a flexible style and blurriness to the background behind the text. 

While this is conventional on around all flagship smartphones, Samsung has combined some extra effects to its Live Focus trait this year. “Colour Point” utilizes the background greyscale so that only the material is omitted in color, while “Zoom Bokeh” and “Spin Bokeh” make it resemble like you’re running towards the camera or racing around on a roundabout, sequentially. 

“Colour Point” is simply produced amazing shots – even with our admittedly awkward selfie skills. “Zoom Bokeh” and “Spin Bokeh” could proceed for a teasing Instagram post.

Besides the main camera, you’ll obtain a 16MP f/2.2 ultra-wide sensor and a 12MP telephoto lens with f/2.4. Utilizing the new triple-camera, Samsung has equipped 0.5x wide-angle shots, the equivalent as those seen on the Huawei Mate 20 Pro, as well as 2x optical zoom. 

Specifically the ultra-wide can deliver some beautiful photos. The 0.5x zoom is also especially advantaged when seeking to catch photographs of skyscrapers and architecture that would usually expect you to withdraw to the other facet of the street to suit into the viewfinder. The 2x optical zoom is expected to be successful with those who take images at performances and like to provide the impact they were in the foreground row, whilst concurrently bypassing the squeeze.

Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner

With the Galaxy S10 Plus, Samsung has ultimately discarded the rear-mounted fingerprint scanner, which will be tuned to the ears of anyone yet utilizing the Galaxy S8 Plus put near the camera lens. Alternatively, the biometric sensor is now located under the AMOLED display. We have perpetually favored front-facing fingerprint scanners – not limited because it implies you can open the phone and verify safe apps when the handset is leaning on your desk or charging without having to choose it up.

 Samsung says it’s extra reliable than optical scanners after it’s capable of recording each particular ridge on your fingertip.


Samsung loads the tip of the screen with comically-large menu titles. When you initially choose up the Galaxy S10 Plus, it seems very different. But as soon as you begin utilizing the 6.4-inch smartphone, it all makes a sensation. For those accustomed to the TouchWiz OS that powered older Galaxy S handsets, One UI is running to catch some serious getting utilized to. But it’s deserving it. Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus contains a 4,100mAh battery cell. 

Final Verdict

If you’re planning to buy the biggest, fastest, and feature-packed Samsung Galaxy smartphone, then this is the right option. Samsung, now sports a bigger display, a bigger battery, and more active internals. There’s also new camera features you won’t discover anywhere else in the Galaxy S10 series and while some are undeniably gimmicky, others are certainly not. If you’re hunting for the latest Samsung Galaxy S10, look no further! 

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