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Music app Spotify will now support 12 Indian languages, company releases new update

Music streaming app Spotify has released a new update to provide a better experience to its users. After the new update, 12 Indian languages ​​including Hindi, Gujarati, Malayalam have been added to this app and now 62 languages ​​have been added to this app in total. To use new languages, users must first update their Spotify app. After which users will be able to enjoy music in their regional language. 

These 12 languages ​​added to Spotify

The 12 Indian languages ​​that have been added to the Spotify Music app include Hindi, Gujarati, Bhojpuri, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Odia, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu and Bengali. Together, a total of 62 languages ​​have been added to the app. The company says that this update has been released to give the best audio content to its users in India. So that users can enjoy the Spotify music app in the language they speak.

Languages ​​were present on the web platform from the app

The 12 Indian languages ​​released for the Spotify music app, it is already present on the company’s web platform. At the same time, they have also been made available for the mobile app, which will be a great experience for users. The company hopes that now more and more people will be connected to this app.

Spotify was first launched in 2008. There are more than 60 million songs in this app. This app is used in 93 countries including India. It has 32 crore users from all countries. The company says that in the last 6 years, the number of users listening to pop songs through this app has increased by 2,000 percent. The company was launched in South Korea last month.


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