Microsoft will Unbox Windows 10 final Update in May: Know it’s Upgradations and Many More

The final Update of Windows 10 will be coming in May. It will include a built-in Linux Kernel. Windows 10 final Update will hit in the market in May, but will not be running directly on machines till next month. Windows 10 testers can get early access to it to check and update users about its new updates and functions. The new update is expected to be small with little corrections and Upgradations in certain functions. It includes some improvements to Cortana and Windows search. 

Here are the upgradations of the Windows 10:

  • Cortana can now be accessed by Windows 10 taskbar and has now the function to get your instructions to choose between talking to a digital assistant or typing. The overall feature has been modified as per the current time and is a bit conversational. Microsoft has added a bit more in the search section to the quick search interfaces with its latest updates, including weather, current news, new movies, and many more. 
  • It also features Windows Subsystem Linux 2, which includes an in-house custom built Linux Kernel. This kernel will be helpful in the improvement in its performance of the Microsoft Linux system and will help in the smooth functioning of the system. Microsoft is also assuring to update its kernel so that developers can create their own WSL kernel and contribute changes. 
  • Windows HELLO PIN in safe mode. 

Safe mode starts in an initial manner and drivers to help you from troubleshooting problems on your system. With the Upgradations, we are heading towards a passwordless journey by adding Windows Hello PINsign-inn in supports to safe mode. Procedure to activate it:

  • Set Windows Hello in Settings>Accounts >Sign-in options. 
  • Boot devise into safe mode:
    • Go to settings >update and security >recovery. 
    • From Advanced startup select Restart now. 
    • After it gets restarted choose an option screen, select troubleshoot>Advanced options >startup settings >restart. 
    • After your PC restarts, you will see a list of four options, pressF4 to start PC in safe mode. 
    • Sign in to your device with your windows hello PIN. 


  • Connecting network modified cameras to Windows 10 devices:

It will provide better surveillance and security options from this update. Windows now will allow users to associate network cameras in the PC, enable to capture photos and videos. 

  • GPU Temperature option can now be accessed by taskbar:

Finally, the GPU Temperature is in the taskbar to add temperature monitoring support. Have a dedicated feature and we will bubble up the current temperature in the taskbar. Currently, the temperature is supported in Celsius. 


Other Windows 10 Updates:

  • Added support to some of the shortcuts that include: Ctrl+Shift+N will open the new Notepad window. 

Ctrl+Shift+S: Save as dialogue. 

Ctrl+W will close current Notepad window. 

  • They have fixed a bug where Notepad would count lines incorrectly for documents very closely. 
  • Improved performance in the opening of Notepad. 
  • Changes to your account pictures in Windows. 
  • Windows search improvement. 
  • Redesigned Network Status page in Settings. 
  • Calculator app updated.
  • Accessibility improvements. 
  • Sideloading settings for MSIX, no longer required. 
  • Quick event create from the taskbar. 
  • Eye control improvements. 
  • Redefining your notification settings. 
  • Feedback hub updates. 
  • Disk type now visible in the task manager performance tab 
  • Updated file Explorer search. 
  • Expanding dictation support to more languages. 
  • Windows Sandbox configuration file support. 


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