Microsoft to close all retail shops worldwide to focus on digital platform

The veteran tech company, Microsoft, is all set to close all its retails shops/stores. Recently, the company made an official announcement. This also means that more than 80 stores that were closed due to pandemic will not be open again. Services like customer services, sales, training, and support will continue. However, the company has not told when the stores will be closed.

4 stores will be converted to experience store

Microsoft told us that the company will now focus on digital stores. Only 4 stores will be opened where the sale of products will not take place and these stores will be used only as experience stores. The investment will be continued in along with Xbox and Windows stores. The experience stores will start in London, New York, Sydney, and Redmond.

All services will be provided online

The company promises to provide all the facilities on its digital platform which were available in retail stores. As per the company, there is a remarkable increase in the online sell of the company and the team can provide virtual customers with a better service. While announcing for the shutdown of the retail store, the company also added that they have created a special team of multi-talented people who are successful in providing services to any corner of the world. The members of this team know more than 120 languages.

Fame like Apple could not be achieved

  • Microsoft believes in its services like cloud computing. In retail stores, surface tablets and laptops were in focus along with Xbox Gaming Gear. But the physical stores were not as successful as the apple stores. Independent Technology Analyst Neel Sybert told that the company took the decision of closing the stores because the business of the surface was continuously declining among the consumer space.
  • The effect of the epidemic is still not reflected in the financial result of Microsoft. The company had a profit of $ 10.8 billion from January to March. In the era of social distancing, Microsoft is believing in its tele-networking, distant, and education services.

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