Mi Home Security Camera 360° review: An effective Surveillance System to keep your house safe

Mi Home Security Camera 360° review: Xiaomi launches security cameras that have some world class features at a pocket-friendly price. The security camera market in India is a growing industry, it visualises and presents a better quality of products for its users.

One of the reasons behind the growth of this market is due to the prevailing crimes and unethical activities of some people. Users want to be protected from all these activities, so as to have their security better and tight. While no.of security cameras are available in the market, they have a good geovision so as to have a better quality video recorded in it. but users will prefer this new product of Xiaomi.

Xiaomi has owned its reputation in the field of smartphones. But now onwards, Xiaomi has started to develop some more user-friendly gadgets that will be loved by its users. Xiaomi has aimed to provide a 360° View security camera that has some special features that will protect your belongings in a much better way. Xiaomi security camera is a part of their smart home product lineup. Xiaomi has a wide range of products at a very affordable rate.

Mi Home Security Camera 360° review Design, Features:

The Mi home security camera 360 has a pretty attractive design and looks almost like a small model. The outlook of the camera is spherical in shape with a pill-shaped cutout that allows the camera lens to tilt up and down for better video quality. There is also a slot present for micro sd card and at the back of it is speaker grill. The Base has a matte finish and has a tiny reset button and a micro USB port at the backside of the camera. The whole device is made up of sturdy polycarbonate. The solid outer part ensures longer durability.

Security camera measures 78*78*118 mm and weighs 239gm. Xiaomi claims that the design of this security device is shockproof. The monitoring system is absolutely fine and does not make any noise on opening or calibrating the things. It has a 2-megapixel camera with a focal length of f/2.1 aperture. The biggest benefit of it is that it can capture the videos even in darkness. The device is equipped with eight 940nm infrared LED that allows it to record video even in darkness. It has a better surveillance system equipped in it.  As for the recorded videos it can be saved to 64 GB sd card or can be sent to other devices on their network for storage. It is available at a price of  Rs. 2,999.

Security Camera Setup :

The security camera has a 360° angle to capture the activities been done around it. It has a flat Base with four circular grips spaced evenly around its diameter. It can be placed on a table or on the ceiling to capture the activities. Xiaomi provides the Baseplate, screws and other essential parts to fix it. Once the security camera is placed at your desired location, it will give you the video of each and every activity been done around it.

Now the question arises how to start it?

First, connect the camera to a USB Power source, doing so will turn on the LED indicator on and the Mi home security camera 360° will provide a little voice that indicates that it is activated. Now to begin watching live streaming of video feed, you will need to download the Xiaomi home app which is available on both Android and IOS, and then logged in. Users will have to enter WiFi credentials in it. The camera establishes the connection using 2.4Ghz WiFi band. If you are using a dual band router, make sure it is enabled as the 5Ghz band. The app after logging in, asks you to see permission and performs Bluetooth search for the camera. Once the device is paired, it will show QR code which will get scanned by the camera and then the camera is ready to record.

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