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Messenger is now safe than before; company has added new app lock feature

Facebook has added a new app lock feature to the Messenger app. This feature will lock the app, which users will have to use their biometric such as Touch-ID or Face-ID to unlock. This feature is quite effective in terms of security. This feature is available in India. However, it is currently limited to iOS and iPad users only. Android users will start receiving this safety update in the next few months. Apart from this, Facebook has also announced a new privacy feature for the Messenger platform.

The company will not transmit or store biometrics

 Facebook also claimed in its blog post that users’ biometrics will not be transmitted or stored by the company. The App Lock feature on the Messenger app will be found under the Privacy section in the Settings page. The thing to note is that the new privacy feature does not restrict notifications, and the user has to customize the settings by going to the ‘Notification and Sound’ section in the app.

The platform will be more secure than before

 The company has announced another privacy feature for the messenger platform. With this new feature, users will be able to control the calls and messages of other users directly on the app. The company said that we are working on new controls so that you can decide who can directly message or call you, who can go to your request folder, and who cannot call or call you.

 In addition, Facebook will start blurring photos that appear in the message request folder, just as WhatsApp images are received from unknown users. In a blog post, the company said- “In this way, you will have the option to see a picture of someone you don’t know before responding to the message or blocking or reporting the account.”

 Recently the company introduced screen share feature

All these features will soon be available on the Messenger app. Recently, the company introduced a screen share feature for messenger app users on Android and iOS. This feature can also be accessed on the web and desktop through the messenger room.



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