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Know how Google finds the answers to all your questions within a fraction of seconds

When we are unable to solve any question we prefer using technology and the well-known technology which gives answers to ay question in a few seconds is none other than ‘Google’. Google is a search engine, answers a number of questions, provides information about many things and solves your doubts. So no matter what the question is, Google is the answer.

Have you ever wondered how Google finds the answers to your questions and whether all the answers are correct? Let’s read the following information without going to Google for the answer to this question.

Google answers your questions like this …


When we search for any question on Google, the google firstly checks which web pages have information related to this topic. This process is called crawling. Google bot is used for crawling. In which Google crawls pages and adds them to the new page index. Google bot is a web crawler software. Crawlers collect information from each other and bring it to Google’s servers.


After getting a webpage through crawlers, Google’s system checks the information on different pages. This includes photos, videos and web content. Google crawls crawled pages. It focuses on keywords and website content. Apart from this which website content has innovative information and also checks whether the information is copy-pasted or not. It is cancelled only if it has the same content. All this information is stored in Google Index.

Serving result

If you find any information on Google, Google also suggests questions and answers related to it. It has the highest search page rank. In addition to this complete process, Google also uses its internal processors. Google then answers every question in a matter of seconds.