Jio TV+ gives access to 12 OTT apps in single sign-in

On Wednesday, Reliance Industries had its 43rd Annual General Meeting (AGM). At the event, the company announced several new products including its Innovative Initiative. Looking at the much-changed work culture and workplace due to COVID-19, the company introduced Jio Glass which can be made a part of the virtual meeting at home while Jio TV Plus was introduced for entertainment. The company made an emphasis on making TV viewing experience interactive so that the user can get more and more engaged with the TV. This was the first time that AGM was held virtually due to the ongoing pandemic.

Jio TV Plus: Will be able to vote on favorite content in real-time

  • While announcing the Jio TV Plus at the event, the company said that we launched Jio Fiber and Jio Set Top Box last year, we got a chance to understand many things from our beta program so that we can make Jio Set Top Box even better Get Jio Set Top Box was launched with many OTT platforms but users were having difficulty in finding their favorite content. That is why we prepared Jio TV Plus.
  • At Jio TV Plus, we have brought together 12 global leading OTT player content. In this, the content of many OTT platforms including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus Hotstar, Voot, Sony Live, YouTube, G5 will be found in one place.
  • A Voice search option has been added in place of traditional search. In which the user will see all the content in one place after searching for his favorite star or movie.
  • Typically, these 12 OTT platforms require separate login but do not need to do so in Jio TV Plus. The content of any OTT platform can be viewed in a single click.
  • Apart from this, work has also been done on making TV channels interactive. For example, now users will be able to vote in favorite participants, new channels, sports programs, discussions, music contests through TV remote and can also see their results in real-time.

Jio Glass: Will be able to meet and study virtually

  •    Jio Glass comes with a cable, which gives Glass an Internet connection when connected to the smartphone. Weighing only 75 grams, it offers innovative glass mixed reality service, which gives the user a wonderful and amazing experience. In this, special attention is paid to graphics, which is why the user gets high-class visual experience in it.
  • For audio, it has a personalized audio system, in which there is no need to attach any kind of accessories. This system supports all audio formats. Jio Glass supports 25 applications.
  • The company said that during Kikovid-19, where our working and workspace has been completely changed, there has been a growth in digital collaboration.
  •   Through a holographic video call sitting at home with Jio Glass, you can join an office meeting with your colleague. In this, calling can be done in 3D and 2D format. Presentations can be shared during chatting, which can be seen on a large virtual screen. Design discussions can also be done by sharing 3D assets and holograms.
  • It is also considered better for the purpose of education, where teachers and students will be able to study in a 3D Virtual Classroom to continue the education of children in the Corona crisis. There are several types of virtual backgrounds to choose from.

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