How to live stream pre-recorded video post?

There is no doubt that videos are getting popular in today’s digital world. Video production isn’t as easy as text messages. It takes a lot of time and resources. It is the easiest way to explain to viewers about your motive to stream video. With Facebook live, things have gone much easier as you may take any event, parties on Facebook by live streaming. The best way to reach masses is to go live on social media so that the audience may join and get connected to it very soon.

The time when you had to be online for streaming live video is gone. Having pre-recorded video saves time. Moreover, it gives you the advantage to get a better video without issues which might arise during a live video. Videos are an integral part of life. It explains to you about the things which the admin is trying to interact with you through video.

Some steps to follow while uploading pre-recorded videos via Facebook live:

  • At first, open your Facebook page and click on publishing tools, then go to the video library, click on the +live button and wait to see a  pop up for the live video.
  • Once you see a pop-up, you can find stream key there. Copy it and keep it safe with you, it will help you later. Click on the next on the pop-up to enter the “Create live video”  screen.
  • Now we need to download external software that will help us in streaming the pre-recorded video, called OBS or open Broadcaster.
  • Once the OBS has downloaded open the application and go to settings, and then to stream option
  • Paste the stream key from Facebook into the stream key field and click OK.
  • Add a source by clicking on the ‘+’  button in the source field and select VLC video source.
  • Follow the on-stream direction and click on OK.
  • Once the video is ready to be streamed, mute the aux/mic in the menu, and click on start streaming.
  • Now just go back to the Facebook window and click on the GO LIVE button.
  • Your pre-recorded video is going to be streamed live on Facebook.


Apart from these steps, you can also follow some streaming software that will help you stream pre-recorded videos.


1-Livestream: It enables you to embed your live stream on your website. You can secure your account and privacy by applying restrictions like password protection, it is really handy for bigger companies to get connected to their workers in no time.

The only disadvantage which it carries with themselves is, it doesn’t have a free plan.


2- SwitchBoard: Here in this live streaming software also, no free plan is provided. You can simultaneously mainstream on different platforms, customize the streaming and handpick the destination you want to stream.

In these we use, Wirecast, which sends a single stream to joicaster which then send your shows to multiple platforms at once like Facebook, Youtube, Periscope. Joicaster doesn’t replace your current switching and streaming software – it works with it to send your stream to multiple places.


3-Restream: In these, you can upload a single stream and simultaneously rebroadcast to multiple destinations like Facebook, Youtube, Twitch. You can broadcast to a custom server or any platform that accepts RTMP input.

Our unique restream permission management system allows customers to securely receive temporary publishing privilege for our clients.

In these, you get a free plan for two videos or get the plans without having to pay for all the features.

Beside multistreaming, you can chat to answers all the comments from one place.


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