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How to download TikTok videos?



download TikTok videos

How to download TikTok videos? Tiktok formally known as is one of the trending apps since 2018. Tiktok allows you to record videos, share gifs and it uses all kinds of music and sounds to create entertaining videos. This app is mainly involved in the short funny, emotional videos that entertain their users. Tiktok is the seventh most downloaded app in the decade. It has recently crossed 1 billion downloads.

Tiktok Users usually face a problem in downloading videos from the app. So we bring to you the procedure for downloading TikTok videos and get them stored permanently into your devices. 

Procedure To download Tiktok Videos:

Tiktok videos can be downloaded by following certain easy steps as mentioned below:

Save Tiktok Videos To iPhone-

  • Open the app and play the video which you want to save. 
  • Tap on the share button. 
  • Choose Save video to download TikTok videos. 
  • Wait till it gets saved. 
  • Your Tiktok video is saved in your gallery. 

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Download Unsavable Tiktok Videos

Some admins restrict their videos to get downloaded by the viewers. Follow easy steps to get those videos as well:

  • Click on the arrow icon to share. 
  • Tap ‘Share as GIF’. 
  • Wait till the conversion is in progress. 
  • The video is saved to your gallery. 

Download TikTok videos without watermark

  • Go to Tiktok App>>Open any video>>Click on three links and copy link. 
  • Open Chrome Browser>>Search Tiktok Video download>>paste the link and download. 

Download videos via live photos on iPhone

  • Open the app and go to the video which you want to download. 
  • Tap on share icon>in the bottom row tap the live photo. This will save Tiktok video in photos app as a live photo. 
  • Open the photo app, select a live photo, open the iOS share sheet, scroll down, tap save as video. 
  • This will automatically save the live photo as a video. 


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How to Download WhatsApp? 



Download WhatsApp

How to Download WhatsApp? WhatsApp, owned by Facebook is one of the relevant and best social media platforms that connect with one another. WhatsApp was started way back in 2009 and till date, it has reached over 1.5 billion monthly active users. As of 2019, the chat app has an estimated 68 million users in the United States. WhatsApp helps to connect with one another in the easiest way. You can create groups, chat privately, update status, profile photos and many more.

Minimum requirements to download WhatsApp:

  • Android OS 4.0.3 or above. 
  • Unlimited data plans recommended. 
  • Tablet devices are not supported. 

These major requirements are fulfilled by each and every device right now. Almost every person is connected to this app. But if someone is not connected, then we bring to you the procedure of downloading WhatsApp:

Download by Google Play Store

Google Play Store is the best application to download any apps. WhatsApp is also available on play store. Just follow the below procedure to download it:

  • Go to Google Play store. 
  • Search WhatsApp. 
  • Click on the WhatsApp logo and download it. 
  • Once it gets downloaded, follow the steps to start it and enjoy connecting with your family and friends. 

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Download Whatsapp on iPhone

Downloading WhatsApp on iPhone is also a simple procedure to follow:

  • Open the app s tore>>type WhatsApp in the search option >>the full title of the app is ‘WhatsApp Messenger’>>Hit’ Get’ and the downloading will start. 

Download WhatsApp on Windows

WhatsApp can be downloaded on Windows as well. Just need to follow the simple procedure :

  • Visit this link and hit the download for Windows. 
  • Once it’s downloaded, open WhatsApp.exe file to install it and follow the instructions. This will link your WhatsApp phone to PC. 
  • Don’t turn off your phone, otherwise, you won’t be able to access Windows WhatsApp. It would require Windows 8.1 or above. 

How to Use WhatsApp on Chrome? 

WhatsApp can be used without downloading. You just need to follow some simple steps:

  • Go to and run it on your browser. 
  • After the page gets open you just need to scan your QR code by opening WhatsApp on phone and heading to settings, then WhatsApp Web to access the code reader. 
  • WhatsApp is ready to go on your browser. 

How to Download WhatsApp Business App? 

Nowadays WhatsApp is used for the business purpose also. WhatsApp Business app is also available on play store. Let’s know the procedure to download WhatsApp Business app:

  • Visit Google play store and download the WhatsApp business App. 
  • Verify your business phone number. 
  • Next, you can restore your account from Backup. 
  • Set up your business name. 
  • After entering the business name, make your profile. 
  • To make a profile, open WhatsApp. 
  • From the homepage, tap on More options. 
  • Go to settings, set your business name. 


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How To Transfer Data to New Android Phone



Transferring data from your old devices to a new one is a hectic task. It requires a lot of time to transfer all the data from old devices to new devices. Various methods have been introduced to make it easy. It requires just an active email I’d and one should know the techniques to transfer your data.

Google has made it easy to transfer data from old to new. It has made the process of setting new phones with full ease. This is the easiest way to transfer and a long way to ensuring your mobile experience. With the help of Google and other platforms, we are going to tell you the simple procedures to follow while performing this task. 

Transfer data with Google

With the help of Google and it’s cloud services you can transfer data with no time. Loss. Transfer data includes apps, contacts, messages, media, events, passwords. With the help of Google services, you can even migrate Wifi passwords, sound profiles and much other important stuff. 

Steps to follow are:

  • Go to setting apps in the old device and go to the backup option and reset or the backup and then the restoring page will open. Select Backup My Data then enable it if not enabled. 
  • To ensure data is backed up properly by Google, open Google drives app on your phone and then go to the backup page by selecting the backup option from the left side. Search for the folder with your device name, it contains apps, contacts, call logs, messages, device settings. 
  • Now hold your new Android device and sign-in in the device using the same credentials, and select ‘Restore from Backup’ options to restore all the data. 
  • Google automatically will download all the apps that were present in your previous device, based on your preference. 


Transfer media Files

Google has some. Of the best features that save your data from threats and viruses. Google photos feature is one the best feature too. Safeguard your media files in your devices. Media files including photos, videos are valuable assets in your phones. Google provides a best-in feature to move your media files from the old device to the new one. 

Steps to follow:

  • Open the google photos app and open the device folder from the left menu. 
  • Device folder will display all the folders of your devices with your photos and videos. Open the folder which you want to backup and transfer to the new Android phone and then enable the backup and sync option on the top. 
  • Once the media is backed up, sign in into the new device with the same credentials. You will now be able to download and view media in your new devices. 


Transfer Other Files

Transferring files such as pdf, local MP3 files and some personal data in your new devices can be a hectic work sometimes. But it can be made easy with some apps that are available on play store. 

Steps to follow:

  • Install the shareit app or files go app from play store in your both devices. 
  • Open the app on both the devices and connect them. 
  • Select the send option in your old device and receive option in your new device. 
  • Select the documents which you want to transfer and then click on send, then it will make Wifi connect-network between the sender and receiver devices and will share the files. 


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Best Reverse Image Search Websites on Google in 2020



Reverse Image Search

Searching similar images across the internet? Or found an amazing picture and looking for more information of the same. That’s where reverse image search websites play an important role. This reverse image search websites on Google help you to locate the source and get information about the image. You just search using images instead of words.

Reverse image search work includes:

  1. Finding information about the image
  2. Debunking faked images
  3. Duplicate content can be easily identified
  4. Find higher resolution image versions
  5. To enhance SEO (search engine optimization)
  6. To find image original creators
  7. Identify Places, People and Products

Best Reverse Image Search Websites on Google in 2020

When you type and search “reverse image search” on Google, you will see various websites that offer you to search by image online and find similar pictures. These websites also allows you to use their technology on your android and iPhones. Some also have extensions that can be downloaded on various search engines.

  1. Reverse Image Search Website

Reverse Image Search helps you to find the exact location of the image. Finding memes and profile pictures is super easy!  The website follow the CBIR technique that helps to use this website from your smartphone. Compatible with your PC, Android, Mac and iPhone as well.

Know how Reverse Image Search Website Work?

  • Take a new picture or upload an image from the Photo Library or enter image URL or import an image from cloud storage services like Dropbox or Google Drive.
  • Click on search by image to get started.

Visit Reverse Image Search Website:

  1. Duplichecker

Duplichecker helps you to find similar images in different search engines namely Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex and so on. You can even find a website that is using the content of your website using the same image. The website also works well on Android, and iOS. The Duplichecker website brings more easiness to find an image with search by keyword in reverse searching of images.

Visit Duplichecker Reverse Image Search:

  1. Small Seo Tools

The reverse image search tool on small SEO tools website it gives you three options to conduct an image search:

  • Entering Image URL
  • Uploading an image
  • Searching with keyword

You can see this tool on Android, iOS Phone, Window and Mac and get information from various search engines on a single website.

Visit Small Seo Tools Reverse Image Website:

  1. Prepostseo

Prepostseo photo lookup tool is 100% Free where images can be uploaded or searched of every file extensions namely .jpg, .JPEG, PNG and.GIF extensions. Prepostseo is a very simple reverse image tool where a user don’t need to download any kind of software even if they are PC or mobile user.

Visit Prepostseo Reverse Image Website:

  1. Labnol

You can quickly and easily discover visually similar photos on Labnol around the web. You can upload an image from your

  • Photo Library,
  • iCloud,
  • Dropbox,
  • Google Drive or
  • take a new picture with the camera.

This Google Reverse Image Search shows you related images of different sizes, almost instantly. This ‘search by image’ feature can be used by photographers to know about websites which are using their photographs without permission.

Visit Labnol Google Reverse Image Search:

  1. Reversepix

ReversePix lets you search by image on google from your computers and mobile phones. Just upload a picture to perform a search by clicking the upload button. This Google image search tool can help you to find the websites that contain your image, similar images, sources of the image, different sizes of the image, and much more information from the web.

Visit Reversepix Google Reverse Image Search Tool:

  1. Search By Images

Search By images is the most powerful tool that also finds information about a person who has a profile on various websites. This also includes dating sites like, POF, Tinder, Hinge and more. Also include information from social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and even public forums.

Visit Search By Images Website:

  1. Pixsy

Create a free account on Pixsy on see how and where your images are been used online. Pixsy uses AI and advances the image scanner to find accurate matches. The website also provides with legal expertise to recover fees and damages in terms of copyright infringement. Also provide bulk upload from your pc and over 50,000,000 images are monitored daily with over 250,000,000 matches found online.

Visit Pixsy Reverse By Image Tool:

  1. TinEye

Tineye makes your images searchable and also finds where your images appear online. For faster reverse image searches, TinEye also has a Chrome extension that allows you to right-click on any image and search image using TinEye’s technology.

Visit the TinEye Reverse Image Search Tool:

  1. Hosting Checker

Hosting Checker generates links to the major reverse image search engines: Google, Yandex, Bing, Baidu Tineye, and Sogou. The website also find similar images that are on most popular free stock photo sites like: Pixabay, Pexels, Unsplash, StockSnap, Reshot, ISORepublic,, Burst, Flickr and PicJumbo that are indexed by Google.

Visit Hosting Checker Reverse Image Search:

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Procedure How to delete Apps in iOS 13



If you want your iPhone to be free from unused apps and want to get rid of an app that has outlived its importance in your phone, you are just a few steps away to delete the unused apps.

Press onto the app for 2 seconds and it starts shaking back and then you would press X key which is at the corner of the phone, which confirms the deletion of apps. And once you are finished deleting with those apps, you would press the home button and will on the home screen. 

Above procedure is very common to many smartphones. But nowadays these steps are not followed by iOS. Deleting apps in IOS 13 isn’t entirely different, but you can press hold on an apps icon. But from now, you have to hold on an app to delete because of the new feature introduced in IOS 13.

Just follow these simple steps to delete apps in iOS 13:

  • Press on the icon which you want to delete. 
  • Keep your finger on the icon you want to delete. The icon will start shaking before and will take nearly 3 seconds. 
  • Click on X and confirm you want to delete. 

These are the simple steps to delete the undesired apps. 

There are some other ways to delete apps in iOS 13 as:

  • Launch the app store app. 
  • Click on the apple I’d profile on the app store. 
  • Scroll down the list of upcoming apps and search whether the app which you want to delete appears in the list or not. 
  • Swipe left on the highlighted app. A red delete button pops up. It will ask permission to remove the app from the iPhone. 


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Windows 7 is no more, How to Upgrade Windows 10 For Free? 



Upgrade Windows 10 For Free

Upgrade Windows 10: The era of Windows 7 ends up, Windows 10 is available for free. Microsoft has asked his users to switch to Windows 10 before January 2020 as it will work smoother and quicker.

How to Upgrade Windows 10 For Free

Microsoft has revealed that Windows 10 is available for free. Microsoft announced that  Windows 7 services will be stopped from January 14, 2020. Microsoft revealed this information on Microsoft support Web page, they revealed that Windows 7 which was on use from 22 October 2009, now is stopped and now Windows 10 is available for free. 

They clarified some of the programs which will not function as technical assistance and software updates from Windows Update that protected your PC from mal activities will no longer be accessible from now. 

Different tech predictors predicted that users already migrated from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Users were familiar with the outgoing of this version of Windows and now is available with the latest update. 

The company said that if people get stuck to the same version, their PC might create problems for them and may not function smoother and quicker. 

At the time of launch of Windows 10, the company provided free access for some days, but then stopped for a while. After that span of time now Windows 10 is available for free. 

Windows 8.1 licenses could be upgraded to WI does 10 for free by using Windows 10 Media Creation tool.

Once the upgrade procedure is processed, the user needs to get connected to the Internet and then the older Windows license is converted to a new one. 

Below are the steps to Upgrade Windows 10 For free:

  • Go to Windows 10 download page. 
  • Click on the Download Tool Now button and download Windows 10 Media Creation Tool. 
  • Go to media creation tool and click on accept. 
  • After accepting, click on Upgrade this PC now and click Next. 
  • A dialogue box will appear and will prompt the user to either keep everything or start with the new one. Select the desired option and then click on continue. 
  • Click on install, Windows 10 installation process will start. Have patience while installation and then see your PC working at a dynamic speed.
  • After installation is finished, connect to the Internet, open settings>Windows Update>Activation> and then PC will be activated with Digital license. 


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How to Manage and View Saved Passwords in Chrome



How to Manage and View Saved Passwords in Chrome

If you are the one having login access to various websites but bad at remembering the passwords, then don’t worry Chrome has your back! With the ability to save username and passwords of different websites, Chrome aids in quick sign-in to different websites. You can also use the saved passwords on different devices by turning on the sync in Chrome.

Why Save Passwords in Chrome?

As mentioned above forgetting passwords is not the only reason you save passwords in Chrome. Many times, you visit different websites that ask you to fill in the email or other credential details. In order to visit the same website again, you have to save to the passwords in Chrome to avoid an unnecessary build-up in your passwords lists. Thus the saved passwords male the sign-in process more convenient for the users.

Manage Saved Passwords in Chrome

Managing passwords saved in Chrome includes many options starting right from the saving to deleting the saved passwords. In between, there are many things you can do with Chrome saved passwords. So let’s get started

Signing in with a saved password

On your previous visit to a website if you have saved the password in Chrome then there are two ways to sign-in:

  1. For a particular website if you have saved only one username and password then Chrome will automatically fill in the sign-in fields for you.
  2. In case you have saved more than one username and passwords for the site then you will see a downward arrow in the username field of the website’s sign-in form. Click on it and select the one you want to use

Export saved passwords from Chrome

You can export the passwords in a CSV file format to your PC with the help of following steps:

  1. Type “chrome://settings” URL in the Chrome browser address bar or simply to the settings under Chrome menu (three vertical dots)
  2. Under the ‘Autofill’ section click on ‘Passwords’
  3. This will redirect you to Chrome password manager or you can also type “chrome://settings/passwords” directly in the address bar.
  4. Now, click on the three-dot buttons against the “Saved Passwords” option.
  5. Click on “Export Passwords” option
  6. When prompted confirm the export password process.
  7. Now, enter the admin password of your PC and click OK
  8. Chrome will start the download process by giving the default name “Chrome Passwords” to the file.
  9. You can change the name if you want and select the destination folder where you want to save the CSV file.
  10. This CSV file can be open with MS Excel in Windows or with Apple Numbers in Mac.

View Saved Passwords in Chrome

It is quite simple to view passwords of various websites saved in your Chrome browser, just follow the given steps to decode a password:

  1. Open the Chrome browser on your PC from the desktop.
  2. Click on the menu (the three vertical dots) button at the right-hand corner of the page
  3. From the drop-down list select the ‘Settings’ tab.
  4. Under Settings find and click on the ‘Passwords’ option.
  5. This will open a new page displaying a list of all the passwords you have ever saved in Chrome.
  6. In front of each websites’ username and passwords, you will see an eye-like icon, click on the one whose password you want to view.
  7. This will decode the password in the dots form to give you the exact password.

Note – The passwords in the list will always be hidden in dot formats for the purpose of security.

Delete saved passwords from Chrome

The process of deleting all your saved passwords from Chrome Is very easy and can be done as follows:

  1. Go to the ‘Passwords’ in Chrome (the steps are already mentioned above)
  2. If you want to delete a single password then click on the three dots next to it and select ‘Remove’
  3. Alternatively, if you want to delete all the saved passwords, go to ‘Clear Browsing Data’ from Settings > Advanced and select Passwords.


Now, you have complete details of managing passwords saved in Chrome. With a handy password manager, all tasks related to Chrome passwords are quite easy to do. Also. You can easily have things saved on your browser and filling out passwords for different websites when you want to sign in.

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How to Delete your Twitter Account? (2019)



Delete your Twitter Account

Twitter is one such social media platforms, which gradually moves from being a handy connecting app to a whole day consuming platform. Scrolling through the never-ending feeds and posts becomes an all-day/all-night job! Realizing this that you spend a horrifying amount of time using Twitter may conclude that you need a break. Moreover, this might be the time to either deactivate it or say a permanent goodbye.

If you are, yet to get convinced with the idea of permanently deleting this app from your life, then there is a way to keep you aside from Twitter for a period and that is obviously Deactivating the account for 30 days only. For this 30days period all your tweets, profiles, replies, feeds, everything will be hidden until you log in back. Once you normally login back, each of your data is restored automatically.

On the contrary, if you want to delete your Twitter account permanently be ready to lose all your profile information, and if you log in back even these will never be restored. In addition, you can take the same username later as it might be taken. So if you have planned to delete twitter account be prepared to give it a forever farewell.

Deactivating the Twitter Account

Given steps will make it easy for you to deactivate your Twitter account

  1.       Under your Profile icon click on ‘Settings and Privacy’ from the drop-down menu
  2.       You will find the ‘Deactivate’ option in the ‘Account’ section of the menu
  3.       Click on it and enter your password to continue the deactivation

Viola! Your account is successfully deactivated. Now you are all set to spend your time with nature!

Nevertheless, deactivating is not the solution for you as it craves to log in again!

Downloading Twitter Archive

Before deleting the account permanently, it’s good to play safe by saving or creating a data backup of your Twitter account. The steps to do so are as follows:

  1.       Log in to your Twitter account on
  2.       Go to the ‘Settings and Privacy’ from your profile picture in the top right corner
  3.       Scroll down the page and click on ‘Request your archive’
  4.       A notification will come stating that Twitter will send you a link on your email address to download the archive.
  5.       Go to your email and click on the link to start the download process.

Now, as you have a backup of all your Twitter data you can freely delete the account permanently. The archive will have all your tweets and profile details.

Deleting the Twitter Account

Time to give a final goodbye to your Twitter account follow the given steps:

  1.       Click either on the ‘Profile’ icon or on the ‘Hamburger’ menu (depending on the version of your app)
  2.       Tap on the ‘Account’ option under ‘Settings and privacy’ section
  3.       Select ‘Deactivate your account’
  4.       A window will be prompted to enter your password
  5.       Proceed by entering the password and tap ‘Deactivate’
  6.       Give your confirmation by clicking on ‘Yes’

You will now never be able to login to the same account. Though need not to worry as our lovely social media platforms want to us to be with them. Hence, you can make a new Twitter account and start from scratch whenever you want. So, happy tweeting as it’s never the end!

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How to Delete Instagram Account Permanently?



How to Delete Instagram Account Permanently?How to Delete Instagram Account Permanently?

Deleting your Instagram account is a doughty task to perform. However, sometimes it becomes mandatory to do so.  Whatever may be the reasons like privacy threats, too much time eating, cyberbullying or just done with the photo-sharing app.  If you have decided to get away from your Instagram account, we are ready to help!

In this article, we have shared all the details regarding the deactivation or deletion of the Instagram Account. You can cure your Instagram addiction either in two ways. Therefore, its time now to share a little bit less online and perform whatever is still not done because of the limitless Instagram feed scrolling.

Just as Facebook and Twitter once deleted you cannot get the same profile data again. In case, you have deleted the account but want to come back on the social media platform, the only way is to create a new ID and start from scratch.

Taking Backup of your Instagram Account details and Posts

Either though you have decided to take a break from the Instagram world for a while or forever, still we suggest you to hold on and take a backup of everything on your Instagram. After all, it has taken a lot to build up an account. Taking backup will help you while restoring the account if deactivated. This will either be good if you delete the account even at least you have all your Insta pictures.

Therefore, to back up or download the account details and pictures follow the given steps:

  1. Go to the browser on your computer, visit link.
  2. In the email column type in the email address where you want to get the download link
  3. Click on ‘Next’
  4. Now enter your Instagram password in the prompted box
  5. Click on ‘Request Download’ button
  6. A message will appear stating the Instagram is creating a file of all your data
  7. The download link will be sent to your E-mail address.

Please note that Instagram takes a minimum of 48 hours to prepare a complete backup and create a download link. So be patient!

Alternate method:

  1. Log in to your Instagram Account
  2. Click on the profile picture
  3. Now next to your username a cog icon will appear, click on it
  4. From the list select ‘Privacy and Security’ option
  5. Under the heading ‘Data Download’ click on ‘Request Download’ link

Now you can follow the steps of the first method to complete the download process.

How does the Download Link works?

Once the download link is mailed to your inbox, follow the steps to see you backup data

  1. Click on the download link in your inbox.
  2. After the browser is done with downloading, open the Downloads folder in your system
  3. There you will see a ZIP folder, named as your Instagram username. Unzip it
  4. Once you open the Zipped file you will see a number of sub-folders with .JSON extension
  5. Now you can one by one go to the data divided into sub-folders.

Note – The download link will work for only 4 days so be fast to open and work on it.

Deleting the Instagram Account

If you have decided to delete your Instagram account then it is for sure that all your photos, profile, videos, likes, followers, etc. will also be lost.

To delete your Instagram account permanently

  1. Log in to your Instagram Account (You cannot delete your account from the app therefore compulsorily log in through web browser)
  2. Go the ‘Delete your account’ page on Instagram
  3. Here select a reason of deleting your account from the drop-down menu
  4. Enter your password when prompted
  5. Click on ‘Permanently delete my account’

Deactivating Instagram Account

In case you are not completely ready to get apart from Instagram, then you have the option of deactivating the account for a period.

To temporarily deactivate your Instagram Account

  1. Again Login to your Instagram account on a web browser and not on the app
  2. Click on ‘Edit Profile’ option
  3. Select ‘Temporarily disable my account’
  4. Enter your Instagram ID password when prompted
  5. Click on ‘Deactivate’

Voila! You are all away to your Instagram for a particular time. Whenever you feel like coming back to Instagram to post some interesting stories and photos. You are all set with a backup restored automatically once signed in again with the same credentials.

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AirPlay 2 Explained Everything You Need to know about Apple AirPlay 2



Apple AirPlay 2

After away long, wait from the announcement to the availability, Apple’s AirPlay 2 is finally here to use! The announcement is now turned into availability in June 2018 as a part of the IOS 11.4 software update. So let’s get into every inch of details you can and should know about this amazing streaming technology by Apple.

What is Apple AirPlay 2?

Apple AirPlay is a device that allows streaming audio or video from an Apple source like IOS, Home Pod, or Mac computer to another device over a home network. AirPlay 2 now is the updated version expanding the capabilities and features that were in the AirPlay first version.

Apple introduced the AirPlay2 update in 2017 at the World Wide Developer’s Conference. It has the ability to enable device mirroring which means it can share the content on your mobile display to any other device.

How does it work?

AirPlay 2 creates a Multi-room for HomePod, as it helps you control AirPlay-compatible speakers from supporting devices like the iPhone. It is just that the speakers should also support AirPlay2

With AirPlay 2 you are now able to select any speaker in your home to play music from your IOS device. You can also control the volumes of the speakers individually. The only thing you need to do is just swipe up from the bottom of your iPhone screen and work with the controls in Control Centre.

You can also play different songs in different rooms of your place, but this advantage is especially for the Apple Music Subscribers. Siri helps you playing different songs as you just need to ask her to play the songs accordingly and she will do the needful.

One more feature that has come up with AirPlay 2 is that multiple users can add songs to a single playlist. For instance, if one iPhone is the music source of AirPlay then another Apple Music user can send the songs to the source iPhone. This way the task or disconnecting and reconnecting different iPhones can be escaped.

Devices supporting AirPlay 2

This wireless streaming device was rolled out as a part of IOS 11.4 and supports the following Apple devices:

  • iPhone – iPhone series from iPhone 5S to iPhone XS Max
  • iPad – From iPad mini 2 to 12.9in iPad Pro first and second generation
  • iPod Touch – iPod touch 6th generation
  • Apple TV – Apple TV 4th generation
  • MacBook and MacBook Pro – Mac Pro, Mac mini, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air (all from 2010 or later) iMac/ iMac Pro (2009 or later) and MacBook (Late 2009 or later)

Note – AirPlay 2 supports does not support Apple devices that are made more than 7 years ago.

Brands Supporting AirPlay 2 update in their Hardware

Here is the list of various Speakers and TV manufacturing brands that have confirmed the Apple AirPlay2 updated in their existing hardware.

  • LG
  • Samsung
  • Sony
  • Vizio
  • Bluesound
  • Bose
  • Devialet
  • Denon
  • Libratone
  • Marantz
  • NAD
  • Onkyo
  • Pioneer
  • Sonos

Some Advanced features of Apple Airplay 2

Airplay 2 with Apple TV – If you have Apple TV versions like tvOS 11 or later, then you will be able to stream audio to the speakers in your home. It has not just restricted to your iPhone or iPad. Whether it is a soundbar or speaker system connected to the Apple TV it will automatically de facto AirPlay2 speaker.

Airplay 2 with Siri – When it comes to a multi-room audio system, Siri plays an important role. As you are not here restricted to use Siri with just HomePod. You can tell her to play songs on whichever speaker you want to along with playing different songs on different speakers. Siri will work well with any third party having an AirPlay 2 update.

Airplay 2 in HomeKit – AirPlay 2 is functioned well to work with other HomeKit devices. This can be used to alert you on things that are happening or to work on with your routines or schedules that are fixed for the day. Without turning it on you can enjoy the music played automatically once scheduled.

Final Words

Now, whenever you think of listening to music wirelessly there is no need to think of Bluetooth. With Apple AirPlay 2 you can it all with just a Wifi connection. Also, it has a bundle of advanced features to work away different from Bluetooth. So if you are an Apple user expand your ways of listening to music with a completely new experience.

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How to Delete Facebook Account?



How to Delete Facebook Account?

Coming to the conclusion of deleting your Facebook Account may have many reasons like; limitless scrolling of the feeds might eating much of your time to do something productive. Sometimes people try to loose social contact to take a social media cleanse. There could be any reason of deciding to delete your Facebook Account.

Before we move towards the process of deleting the account, it is important to understand the difference between Deactivating and Deleting Account! Yes, there two ways you can stay away from Facebook. Though Deactivating is less scary as its only deactivates your account from the platform, means all your remains save somewhere on the cloud while people cannot see you or your timeline. In addition, you can easily get back to your account by simply logging in whenever you feel reuniting with Facebook.

On the other hand, deleting your Facebook account will permanently remove your account from the social media platform and all your data will be removed. Once deleted you can never sign in into the same account. Therefore, before deleting the account it is suggested to always take a backup of your data to avoid losing the lovely images you have shared as an experience or memory on Facebook.

Saving Your Facebook Data

In case you are unwavering to the decision of permanently deleting the account, always download a copy of all your Facebook Information and photos. It’s a cakewalk to do so, you just to go to the ‘Settings’ and click on ‘Download a copy of your Facebook Data’ later click on ‘Strat my Archive’

Doing this quick backup process will make sure that you don’t lose all your old school memories years down the road.

Deactivate your Facebook Account

As deleting the account permanently is scary resolution so, we first discuss with Account Deactivation. In case, you change your mind!

To deactivate your Facebook Account follow the given Steps:

  1. Go to the ‘Settings’
  2. Click on ‘Manage Account’ under ‘General Account Settings’
  3. Here you will find ‘Deactivate Account’ option, click on it
  4. Enter the password when prompted to continue
  5. From a multiple choice drop down list select one ‘reason for leaving’ then click on ‘Deactivate’

Deleting your Facebook Account

Still stuck to the decision of deleting the account permanently? Follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. A page will prompt asking for the confirmation click on ‘Delete My Account’
  3. Now do not log back into your Facebook account for at least 14 days for the deletion request to complete.

Note: Facebook don’t want you to delete your account hence it takes the deletion process as a request and take some time to complete it, meanwhile if you log back in your account before 14days then the request will be cancelled and your account will be activated as earlier.

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