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Know how to fix iPad pro and iOS 11 battery life problems?

Are you short of battery in your iOS 11 or iPad Pro?, Are you suffering major issues of battery life? Well! If it is so, then you must know some power saving tips which are very easy to adopt and saves our battery. These tips are surely going to help you in a long way to fix battery life problems in your iOS 11 or iPad Pro.

In iPad Pro, there are many models of Apple Company but right now, Apple is offering the second generation 12.9 inch iPad Pro. After that, there is a lower cost which is 10.5 inches iPad Pro, after that, we have more on our list which includes 9.7 inch iPad pro. The smallest of all is the 7.9 inch iPad mini 4. These are the iPads which Apple is currently offering. Before all of these iPads which are mentioned above, Apple was rated for its battery life. It was rated for 10 hours of battery life if you are using the internet, browsing through Google, checking emails constantly for some time and even chatting.

Even after all these things were taking place it was rated for 10 hours. But, however, if you have just now installed iOS 11, you will notice that your battery life exhaust more than what it used to do. You never expected this but yet it happens.

If such situation occurs to you as well, I know many of you might just through your iPad Pro or iOS 11 into the garbage because this was not the reason why you purchased it. So, if it happens just keep, calm and don’t lose your patience. Rather than giving so many being annoying and making it more complicated, just follow the steps listed below.

How can you fix battery life and get on with your life?

1.First step or action is to Wait for it – The fact really doesn’t matter if you have to restore from backup or you have a new set up or if you have installed iOS 11. If you are downloading apps and games continuously one on one basis checking emails, downloading photos or other contents as well, your iPad will disburse or use up a lot of power or battery. This is because of one major reason that is if processors and radios are not given time or they have not rested for even a single minute then the consumption of power or battery goes way higher than what you would have never expected.

2. The second option is to Test on Standby – The system of iPad pro or iOS 11 takes a lot of time in transferring everything over. But, instead of this, there are many more things that we do and which take up a lot of our battery. If we have new iPad or iOS 11 then we take a huge time in observing each and every single feature. If the screen is on for a long while then, the storage usually gets written off and ultimately power gets consumed to a great extent. But before this, you need to observe some things very minutely.

Is your battery lasting half of what it should last? This is the question which arises many times in our mind but before that, we should ask ourselves if we are using our phone twice of what we should be using. If you want proofs then you need to first use your iOS 11 or iPad pro for some time and then note what is the current battery life, then out the iPhone upside down and let it rest for at least 30 – 40 minutes. After this check your iOS 11 or iPad pro and notice the battery life again. If you observe a huge difference in the battery life, then observe minutely the points listed below.

3. The third option is to reset the Phone – in Troubleshooting, resetting the phone or restarting or rebooting it is the oldest formula. This is the oldest cliché and it works every time you do. Here are some steps which can be followed –

  • Tap and then hold down on/off button. Also, hold the on/off button and Home Button simultaneously at the same time.
  • Now hold both the buttons continuously as long as the screen turns off.
  • Now hold both the buttons until you observe the Apple logo.
  • After then let go.

4. The fourth option can be Check usage – iOS contains a function of tremendous battery usage. This feature lets you know exactly how many apps use how much battery life and how they use. Follow the steps given follow –

  • In your home screen in IOS 11, launch the settings app.
  • Now after you see settings tap there. Then tap on Battery. Now, wait for some time until the battery usage gets colonize.
  • After you reach there, tap on the option Show Detailed Usage button. This will let you break the battery usage of foreground and background.
  • Now to observe the battery or power usage of last 7 days or more than tap on Last 7 days. By tapping on it, you can observe minutely and very easily the consumption of battery over the past few days.

So, these were the steps which will help you a lot in saving the battery life of your iOS 11 or iPad pro.

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