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How to Create Channels On YouTube?

Channels on YouTube can be created by using a PC or Youtube mobile site to create a new channel. Even if you have a Google account, you have to create a Youtube channel to upload videos, comments, or make a playlist. However, without a Youtube channel, you have no public presence on YouTube.

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This question might hit the minds of youtube addiction, every now and then. But have you ever tried to create channels on YouTube? Well, it’s quite an easy task to do. Now here we will discuss some easy steps to create channels on YouTube:

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Create a Private Channel:

1-Sign into Youtube on a computer or using the mobile Youtube site.

2- Search for an option that requires a channel, such as uploading videos, creating your favourite playlist, posting comments.

3- If you don’t have a channel, you will see an option to create a channel.

4-Check the entered details and confirm to create a channel.

Channel with business or another name:

Below steps will help you create channels that can be managed by multiple users.

1- Create a new channel by clicking the Create a new channel option.

2-Create a new channel for a brand you want to flourish on YouTube that you already manage by selecting the Brand account from the list. Try selecting a name that is not used before.

3-Fill out the entries that are required for your new channel and then click done. This creates a brand new account.

One more way to create a channel on YouTube:

1-Sign into Youtube and click on the user icon displayed at the top right of your screen.

2-Click on the gear icon to get to your account Youtube settings.

3- Click on create new channels.

4-Then choose the specific name and tags for your channel.

5- Add your brand name and click on create.

After creating the channel the question arises:

How to add your channel icon?

Let’s know about it:

Simple and easy steps to add channel icon:

Head towards your channel homepage and onto your current channel icon, there displays edit option to edit the icon. Click on that icon and select the most effective icon for your channel and upload it as your new channel icon.

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Ways to enhance your channel:

After creating a channel on YouTube, it needs to be famous among other users. Creating a channel and enhancing it is quite a difficult task to do. People need to know about the specifications and motive to create your channel. Users find that whether there is anything related to them on your channel or not. So to get more and more subscriptions on your channels you need to enhance it.

Follow the below-given steps to enhance your channel:

Optimize your description: Youtube provides some space to describe your channel in short so that more and more users get connected to it within no time. The description is limited to 1000 characters.

Add links to your channel:

1-Go to your channel homepage and click on the icon next to your subscriber count.

2- Go to channel settings lightbox appears.

3-After customization on your channel, go back to the homepage, and select edit link option under the settings option.

4- Click on the edit links option and you will reach About section of your channel. There you will get the option to add links and choose how many you want to display on your cover page.


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