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How Flipkart is planning to remove job interviews from its recruitment using Udacity

How Flipkart is planning to remove job interviews from its recruitment using Udacity

The Flipkart is planning to eliminate job interviews from its hiring process with the help of online learning company Udacity. Udacity’s nanodegree programs are going to transform the recruitment process for the e-commerce giant in India.

The decision of Flipkart will encourage those who have acquired skills through online learning to join the company. The company has already hired many students through their Udacity profile and nanodegree projects. The hiring process will be quicker, faster and effortless if this ‘interview less hiring’ strategy is properly applied.

The Flipkart officials informed that the mobile development team now has three graduates hired from Udacity. All of them have completed Android Developer Nanodegree program by Udacity. The youngsters recently moved from New Delhi to join Flipkart’s team based in Bengaluru. More people from the Udacity will be hired.

The Flipkart told that the company is constantly looking for the experts who can solve Indian consumer’s problems. The company needs fresh talent pool with world class ideas.  The traditional pattern of hiring candidate judges their performance on the day of interview. It may not be right representation of the candidate’s talent and skills. The Udacity is helping Flipkart to track the real potential.

A representative from Udacity said that students of Nanodegree programs are being recognized world over. Many organizations have hired Udacity students as data analysts, developers and web administrators.

While the smartphone market is exploding in India, there is lack of skilled developers. Businesses like Flipkart constantly need new developers. The Internet and Mobile Association of India forecasts that the Indian internet sector will need 20 million developers by the end of this decade. Currently, the country only has 50,000 to 70,000 developers. The need for android developers is highest than any other platforms.

Udacity is conducting quality e-learning course in the domain of software development and android. More than four million students are already taking advantage of this. It would be interesting to see how this job interview free hiring will be help Flipkart and Udacity to grow in India.