How can you use call tracking as your secret weapon in marketing?

In a booming industry such as marketing, it’s crucial that your agency strives to deliver optimal service to each and every client, and cement itself as a superior agency within the sector.

There are a vast number of ways you could go about achieving this goal, but one of the most effective and proven methods is to implement call tracking software.

With this expert tool at your disposal, you’ll be able to take your agency’s operations to the next level and secure a greater return on investment (ROI), as well as have a more efficient process of understanding and analysing your main agency component – the client.

Read on to learn how call tracking can be your marketing agency’s secret weapon, and bring a plethora of benefits to boost your agency in various ways.

Enhance your own marketing campaigns

Being a marketing agency, you know how essential marketing is in creating success for a business. Therefore, you’ll need to ensure your agency is creating the most effective marketing strategies that increase lead and sales generation.

With expert call tracking software and its varying features, and using the source flow report for example, you’ll be able to create an entire customer journey map, detailing every touchpoint a client interacts with before, during, and after a phone call.

This will show you the areas that are receiving the most client engagement, and where your clients have the best chance of converting.

With this vital information, you can amend your marketing campaigns to suit these patterns. You can ensure you focus your marketing budget on the strategies with the most engagement.

This will also save unnecessary expense on strategies that aren’t as effective, making your campaigns more cost-efficient.

Also, you can tailor the specific content of the strategies, such as including more calls to action (CTAs), if the call tracking data shows that CTAs produce more conversions throughout touchpoints.

Refine client communication

Another way call tracking can improve your agency is through its ability to help you refine your client communication.

Communication with your client is key to establishing their main needs, as well as building a better customer experience.

Call tracking offers a speech analytics tool, which will not only record and transcribe every phone, but can also pick up a range of spoken keywords that are important to your business.

This will help you thoroughly analyse your client communication, to see how clients are engaging with your agency over the phone, what the main purpose of their calls are, and how successful the call is at converting them to a sale.

For example, the keyword analysis might find that clients are often calling with questions on ‘price packages’. This will highlight that competitive price packages are a key factor in your clients choosing the best marketing agency.

In response, you can ensure that price packages are clearly explained in every phone call, as well as being addressed in various marketing strategies.

Once clients can see your competitive and unique price packages on display, they’ll be more inclined to choose your agency.

Build confidence in your clients

When clients come to you for your marketing services, they do so with the goal of improving their own business through your professional guidance and strategies.

In order to maintain client loyalty, you must be able to build confidence by effectively showing your clients that your campaigns are in fact yielding positive results, and that your strategies are elevating their business.

This can be achieved through call tracking software. You can use the features, reports and analytics to outline the results of your client’s campaign, and show them the main areas of engagement from their own customers.

This can be used to show the client that the marketing strategies you provide are creating more engagement with their business, and increasing the number of leads and conversions generated throughout different customer journeys.

Also, you can show them the keywords identified in their customer calls, and if it resulted in a purchase, proving the effectiveness of the marketing strategies that have funnelled them to this conversion.

When your clients see this data surrounding their improved engagement, they’ll have every confidence in your expertise as a marketing agency, and will continue to express client loyalty. They may even spread your professional reputation to other potential clients.

Call tracking is truly your marketing agency’s secret weapon, and once you implement it for yourself, you’ll be able to enjoy the significant increase in your agency’s lead generation, conversions, ROI, and overall operations.

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