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Google’s popular service is shutting down from tomorrow, transfer your data immediately

Tech company Google’s popular service Google Play Music will be closed tomorrow i.e. on 24 February 2021. Google announced the closure of the Google Play Music service in December last year. Google’s Android-based most smartphones feature the Google Play Music service. It is an app-based service, which users use to listen to music and audio. But now Google’s service is being discontinued from February

24. In this case, the user should immediately transfer their data, because after today all the data of Google Play Music will be deleted. 

Can transfer data of Play Music to Youtube Music 

YouTube has provided a YouTube user, a Youtube Music facility. It is also an app-based service. After the Youtube Music feature, the company announced the closure of Google Play Music. In the Youtube Music app, users can listen to songs on the phone just like Google Play Music. Also, youtube songs can be heard. Meaning the Youtube Music app can be called the Pro version of Google Play Music. In such a situation, the company users are also allowed to transfer the data of Play Music to Youtube Music. 

How to transfer data  

  • Go to in the browser.
  • There you will see a transfer option, click on it.
  • Data transfer will take time according to the size of the data. 
  • You will be issued a notification upon completion of the transfer. 
  • In this way, users will be able to transfer the saved songs, settings, subscriptions and playlists to the Youtube Music app. 


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