Google Pixel 4 First look released by Google: Know it’s price, Features and many more

Google Pixel 4 mystery is now solved. While Google unveiled Google Pixel 4 first image on Twitter Wednesday. The smartphone that the company isn’t expected to ship until October. The tweet comes after the furnish of devices were published in recent days, divulge a change in the design.

That’s not because the release date is scheduled for October is just around the corner we still expect to get its more information so that we may plan according to it. Google Pixel 4 is the next photo and AI powerhouse from Google.

Since the launch of the Pixel lineup, users keep on expecting g more and more from Google community. It has been a reliable tent of the smartphone release calendar. Offering some exceptional well features, an unmatched level of software polish, this handset has provided a lot to the tech community.

The official image gives some idea about Google Pixel 4:

  • The image clearly shows at least two rear cameras and a third sensor of some kind in a large camera bump on the backside of the phone.
  • There is also a tiny dot at the lower right of the camera module, which is expected to be a microphone.
  • There is a white or grey power button and the company’s G logo is present there.
  • It’s being the first time that there is no fingerprint sensor on this device. Google Pixel 4 is coming g with an in-display scanner.
  • There also appears a notch or bezel on the front, bottom firing speakers.
  • It is also expected that in Pixel 4 might have capacitive buttons rather than mechanical, clickable ones.
  • Sources added that Pixel 4 will have front-facing speakers and a punch-hole camera.

Google Pixel 4 release date and Price

According to sources Pixel, 4 is expected to arrive in the market in the month of October. At that time Google is planning to launch some of the hardware options at the same time as Pixel watch.

It is also expected that Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL release date might be shifted to early November.

Moving onto its price section, as the new features are included it is expected to lie near the range of $1,500 mark/£1,000.

The thing to watch is that it will be available in different storage capacities offered at different price. More clear information will be available as soon as it’s launch date arrives.

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