Google Maps updates ‘Stay Safer’ feature: Notify Users if Cabs divert their routes

Google Maps updates ‘Stay Safer’ feature: If you are travelling to a new place, country, region or even at unknown places, then you should be attentive, as it may be suspicious of the driver taking advantage of your on the known place and might ride to you on some other way. Maps recognize the activity as soon as driver diverts its route by 500 m, and will notify you at this situation.

Google introduced this feature on Wednesday, June 26 on Google maps. Google Maps stay safer feature will share the live location when you are travelling with your family in cabs or auto rickshaw.

This feature is available on Android phones. This feature will allow users to be alert while travelling to some unknown place. This feature has an aim to save you from all the evil activities that are prevailing in the society. This feature will share the live status of their journey with family and friends, which in turn would help them to keep an eye on your route.

Amanda Bishop, Product Manager said in a statement: “Through our extensive research across the country we found that a bulk of people are concerned about their security reasons while travelling in cabs or auto rickshaw. To ensure this, we are launching a feature that will deliver a more relevant and hassle-free journey and reliable experience to users. Looking forward to bring more relevant and new experiences like this to India and beyond”.

To get access to this feature you need to follow below steps:

Google Maps updates

  • Download the latest version of Google maps from play store>Search for your desired destination and tap on get direction option >Now tap on stay safer option>in the menu bar, tap on share live location>share with the contact to whom you want to share>tap on get off route alerts option to know if your driver getting off route.

Google in his statement revealed that if the drive takes off route and moves through another way about 500 metres then your phone will buzz, notifying you that your cab driver diverted the route and is on another route.

Users then can tap on the notification and can see where they are going. They can share the live details with their family members directly, while they keep a track on the journey.

This feature will definitely alarm the evil practices that are prevailing in the society. Google made this feature so that people can enjoy the cab journey at night with full ease with no objections of getting diverted to some other routes.

This feature is available on Android, and the company has no clue that when it will head onto the iOS version.


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