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Google-LG Nexus 5X get Rs.4000 price cut due to Holi

Google- LG Nexus 5X

On the occasion of Holi, Google- LG Nexus 5X has received discount of Rs.4000. But this time Google has made the price cut only for purchases from the Google Play Store, company’s official platform. There is no news about the discount for Nexus 6P, Google’s another flagship device. So if you had the LG Nexus 5X in your bucket list, this is the right time to buy one for yourself.

One can by the 32GB version of LG Nexus 5X now for RS. 27,900 now while the 16GB version is available for RS. 23,900 only. The discount is not permanent in nature. It applies only for the purchases before March 27 2016. The discount will be automatically applied during the checkout. Google’s flagship device LG Nexus 5X was previously launched in India for RS. 31,990 (16GB) and you have shell out RS. 35,990 for 32GB version. The current discount is significant as compared to the original price.

Google- LG Nexus 5X Prices

The similar price drop was given by Amazon India on Nexus devices in the month of November. The 16 GB version of the LG Nexus  was selling for RS. 24,990, a sharp cut of RS. 7000. During the same time, the 32GB version was being sold at RS. 32,439, after a discount of RS. 3,500. Currently, the Amazon India is selling the Google LG 

Nexus 5X for RS. 23,399 (16GB) and RS. 29,990 (32GB).

Google-LG Nexus 5X  Specifications:

So far the deal given by the Google Store is the best one. Looks like Google is trying to expand the reach of its store in India by offering attractive discounts now. Nexus 5X comes with top notch hardware such as 1.8 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 process along with 2GB LPDDR3 RAM. It has Corning Gorilla Glass 3 for the protection along with 12.3 MP camera for photography.

Take advantage of Holi discount and buy Google- LG Nexus 5X today.

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