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Google gets ready for its entry in cloud services market

Google cloud services, Google Inc, Alphabet’s internet division recently hired Diane Green to head its cloud computing business. Greene is a cofounder of VMware and known as experienced administrator. Sundar Pichai, Google CEO confirmed this development in a blog post. Pichai explained the scope for Google’s cloud business by saying that very small amount of world’s data is in the cloud as many businesses and applications are not cloud based. Therefore this makes it fastest growing area of interest for Google as one day whole world will be using cloud.

Google cloud services

Bebop technologies, Greene’s start-up has been also purchased by Google. The company used to help businesses to maintain enterprise servers. Currently Amazon is the industry leader in cloud services but the scenario may change soon as the former VMware chief executive gets included in the board of directors of Alphabet, Google’s parent firm. Bebop team’s expertise will help to increase Google’s market share. All different cloud based projects of Google will be integrated into single division headed by Greene.

In terms of competition, it is not just Amazon who can give a tough fight. Good old technology players such as IBM, Microsoft are also getting ready to offer cloud services as well. The experts said that the Google is very serious to explore the world of cloud and going to concentrate all its resources to grab huge market opportunity offered by cloud. The Google definitely has more cash and brand value than its competitors in cloud business. The Google’s cloud services revenues are projected to be more than advertising revenues in next five years.

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