How to Become flipkart seller on Flipkart with Flipkart Advantage

flipkart seller: E-commerce is booming all over India with every passing year, the phenomena of easy life surpass all its previous boundaries. In this era where our lives is so busy, we want rest everything to be slightly easy. In this busy schedule, even shopping seems to be tad difficult. Capitalizing on this very fact, many smart brains have come up with some amazing online shopping websites. Amazon, E bay, Flipkart, Yepme etc are some of the very successful online shopping destinations presently available.

The existence of human race is a result of evolution. Evolution is a part of life and technology. Since its origin, these online shopping destinations have undergone several changes. After a particular point in time, Amazon came up with this service called ‘Fulfilled by Amazon’ where Amazon gave merchants the opportunity of selling their products on Amazon. Owing to this competitive environment, Flipkart has come up with this service called ‘Flipkart Advantage’. Flipkart seller is very similar to Fulfilled by Amazon. Flipkart also offers additional benefits to its customers with this service. 30 day returns to expedited delivery options such as same day guaranteed delivery are a few of the benefits. Flipkart currently have 50 sellers on board.


How Does It Work?

You need to seek the approval to be on flipkart market place first by registering. Flipkart seller is currently bringing sellers on board on ‘Invitation Basis’. Incase you are interested to register; you have to send an e-mail to or visit to register. Once that is done, you can list your own products or choose from the existing list of products that flipkart has. Choose your own pricing and Shipping details while listing your product. Once it is approved, the product will be listed on Flipkart’s main site.

For a third party seller, this is an excellent proposition as they can live their product to a huge mass without burning a hole in their pocket. Flipkart has its logistics sorted. So the third party can take the advantage of the same when a sale is made. Flipkart will transfer money to sellers periodically. Even buyers are in for a ride as they get to put their hands on affordable products without compromising on the quality thanks to the rise in competition.

All in all, this is a brilliant deal for everyone as it has little something for every someone!!!


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