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Best in-ear headphones in 2019: Best earbuds available in India at a pocket-friendly price

No settlement for music lovers in terms of selecting their best in-ear headphones, available at various stores at an affordable price. The right choice in terms of earphones can make your music love grow stronger and stronger. But choosing the best among many is the difficult task to do for the music lover.

So we have taken a closer look at the variety of earphones available in the market so as to provide you with the top brands and choices, so that it may be easy for you to choose while shopping.

So here we bring to you the best headphones of 2019:

1-Bose Soundsport Free: For those who prefer the convenience that comes with the wireless earphones, then for you, the best choice will be BOSE SOUNDSPORT FREE earphones. The innovative design and high-quality tech provide an amazing relationship with this invention. These are designed for everyday use from hanging around the house to a high-intensity workout. It provides a high level of sound quality, the minimal design can provide a loose fit when in ears causing you to fit in your ears frequently. It is available at a price of Rs. 18, 499.

2-Apple wireless Air-pods: Apple is a brand name that captures the attention of the whole world with its amazing products and accessories. Apple is notorious for making products that only work in iPhone, but apple wireless airports break this trend with limited functionality with Android-based products.

It provides a Bluetooth connection with excellent battery back up, which is up to 5 hours on a single charge. It’s a wireless earphone. Its design is perfect to fit into ears, despite the high-end price, the sound quality can be a little less than what expected but can fulfil your dream of wireless earphones. It is available in Rs. 13,289.

3- OnePlus bullets Wireless: OnePlus known for its flagship of most popular smartphone brand that is ONEPLUS SERIES. This company also manuf actures headphones – the best example of which company produces bullets in ears.

The OnePlus bullets Wireless offers an incredible value in the neck bud headphones category. It offers a good battery backup and has excellent connectivity. It is available at Rs. 3,999.

4- Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear: This earphones surely reverberate your ears and will provide you with some good quality sound. This is among the best deals in the market as it provides some exceptional features as it has an impedance of 18ohms,  sensitivity is 118 dB SPL. It has a frequency range of 15-22,000 Hz.

It is available in red and black, the matte and glossy textures help to attract more and more customers towards it. It is available at a price of Rs. 4,916.

5- 1More Quad Driver In-Ear headphones: A bit expensive headphones, but are powerful too. It is the top model of the 1More triple driver earphones. It comes with four drivers integrated into an aluminium sheet, which delivers amazing sound and comfort to its users.

It is compatible with both iOS and Android and is the most preferred headphones among its users. It has a balanced sound quality, with the luxurious build quality.

6-RHA MA 390 Wireless: While the coming generation will prefer wireless earphones hanging around their necks, generating best sound quality into their ears. This is the best choice for that. It provides a much more balanced sound and provides longer battery life, the level of bass that it provides is just desirable.

The wireless connection of the earphone is excellent and doesn’t experience the dropout that can be common among other wireless earphones.

7- Optoma Nuforce BE Sport4: These earphones from optima with custom ear tips and are good to use in every situation. It can be best carried while exercising and for all other work. Made with a glossy metal design, and lime green ascent, it gives some unique look as compared to others. The included fittings allow for a high degree of personalization.

It weighs about 15 gm and a feature which makes it unique is the magnetic ends on each earbud help reducing the chance that you may lose it. A soft carry pouch helps it to keep safe and charges easily using a mini USB cable making charging super easy.


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