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Be careful if you receive such messages on Instagram

Instagram, a very popular social networking site, has started a shocking session to mislead users by saying that their posts violate copyright rules. In the last few days, there has been an increase in the number of such cases.

According to the cyber police, a hacker first searches for a very popular account to hack of a certain user. After that, the user’s post on Instagram, saying that it violates the copyright rules, creates fear in the user’s attention. Not only that but under the COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT, the user may be subjected to retaliatory action, threatening to suspend the account within the next 24 hours.

At such times, some churches with thousands and millions of followers in the house believe in these deceptive threats and start doing as the hacker tells them. The hacker then sends a link to the user via DM, direct message. It tells the user to fill out a copyright objection form at this link. All this is being said for the purpose of deception.

According to the Maharashtra Cyber ​​Police, as soon as the user clicks on the link for the objection form, he is taken to a different website which looks exactly like Instagram. There is no guarantee of confidentiality of information.

According to the cyber police, the URL of such a website does not appear in (.com) format, but in (.CF) format. There are so many similarities between Instagram’s original website and this fraudulent website that one would be confused at first. On this page, you are asked for your information, date of birth, username. After which you are also asked to log in here. As soon as the person logs in to this page, all the information reaches the hacker. Netizens have been warned by cyber police to be careful as there are many such hackers on social media.

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