Arogya Setu App: All You Need to Know

Protect One, Protect All, Protect India , The Coronavirus tracker app which is functioned with Bluetooth and GPS and works on the basis of contact tracing and helps identify possible Coronavirus patients and hotspots in the area. It is developed by the National Informatics Centre. Arogya Setu App has crossed 50 million downloads and is still counting. It is the highest downloaded app in India. It is under the control of Government of India and was launched on 2nd April 2020.

Arogya Setu helps people stay safe from the patients and adopt necessary precautions in the area in which it is spread around, it also helps stop this virus in other areas too. It has the capability to Detect the patients and treat them accordingly. World Bank has also praised the efforts of the Government of India and the initiative of this app. Different countries including the USA, Russia are planning to build some apps or portals so that they can also track the patients. WHO has stated that India is at the top in fighting with this virus. 

How Does Arogya Setu Work? 

Arogya Setu has four options: Your Status, Self Assess, Covid-19 updates an e-pass. 

Your status tells the status of the person whether he is infected or not. Self Assess is to do the self-assessment of the person by answering different important questions. COVID-19 updates help you track the current cases in India. 

By the help of geotagging, it can alert a specific user about their proximity to an infected person or hotspots in that area. The app also helps users identify and monitor the active cases, do self-assessment of the person. Arogya Setu, after installation, does the self-assessment of the user by asking general questions to the users, their disease by which they have suffered in the past, travel history etc. 

Arogya Setu is currently available in 11 different languages and is expected to come in a few more languages. 

It is the duty of the person to answer their questions correctly so as to get the exact results. These all data is secured by the Government of India and they keep an eye on every installation of this app. 

Features of Arogya Setu

Arogya Setu has crossed 50 million downloads on play store and is the first app to reach this Milestone in few days. It has some awesome features that detect patients in no time. Features of this app are:

  • It tracks your interaction with the people and with the person those who have been tested with COVID-19 through GPS and Bluetooth. 
  • It also suggests all the precautionary measures that a person should take in these crucial days. 
  • The location should be kept on in order to provoke you when you come in contact with an infected person. 


Arogya Setu App is now one of the important apps and should be installed in each and every device. It is available on Google play store and Apple play store. So please go and get access to this app as soon as possible. 



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