How to run Multiple WhatsApp Accounts on your computer or Laptop?

Whatsapp is the world’s quickest developing informing application. Its customer base is 1.5 million. The organization guarantees that 60 million messages are sent each day. As you likewise know, you can use this app on the laptop through the WhatsApp web

You may be the owner of multiple mobile numbers. And you might desire to set up accounts on each mobile number in Computer using WhatsApp web. We already know we can run two separate accounts on the same mobile. But the same thing we can accomplish in our laptop also.Are you thinking how it is? Please continue reading this article.

Now everyone knows, Whatsapp web is a service which will help you to utilize WhatsApp on your laptop. In this service, with a small trap, you can likewise run multiple accounts on the PC. To get to this, users ought to likewise have a WhatsApp account on their mobile. Of course, you have right?, and Along with this, internet connection in both gadgets- computer and Smartphone must be there.

Glance at below procedures to start with,

  • First, open the site on the computer.
  • To run your first account scan QR code from mobile
  • After that open incognito window on your browser and open the same website
  • Scan the QR code from the mobile to run the second account.

Now you are ready with two different accounts on your laptop. You can run and operate two accounts in the same browser using Whatsapp web. But in case you want to use more than two accounts then you can seek the help of another browser.for example, if you have been used earlier chrome. In the next session, you can take help of Firebox.You might be understood now.

You might be thinking that how you can run separate accounts by the opening incognito window. Let me say, When we browse through the incognito window, it won’t save cookies, histories or site data. But the problem is that you can create only two accounts using incognito windows in the same browser. Because more than two incognito windows will save the cookies, then it won’t be possible for you to open another account.

We hope you have been now learned to use multiple WhatsApp accounts on desktop or laptop

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