Apple iPhone x : Complete Overview Price, Specifications & Features

n the 10th anniversary of Apple, iPhone X was launched which is all set to create a benchmark in the next decades of iPhone. Launched as the prototype of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, the iPhone X has managed to steal the show despite sharing the same identical internal software and hardware. iPhone X is the modern sculpture, attractive design and it gives reasons to the owners to show-off their phone again.

iPhone x Stunning Display 

Just turn the screen ON of your iPhone X and you are guaranteed to forget all other phones released over the years. Apple has kicked started to design Smartphone with the bezel-less display where the edges around the screen beautifully meltdown to offer immersive full-screen display experience. The contentious notch cut out at the top edge of the screen accommodate the front facing the camera and it continues to slip opinion, especially like most of the Smartphone models out there.

The jaw-dropping OLED display integrated into the phone goes a long way to make the customization quibbles. It comes with 5.8-inch of a screen with the resolution of 2436×1125 pixels and has 485 pixels per inch for a razor-sharp displaying. The colors are truly vibrant where the blacks are pitch-dark as other OLED devices and offer easy readability under direct sunlight and harsh lighting conditions, all thanks to its True Tone Technology that detects the lighting conditions and adjust the screen’s tint accordingly. The device’s all-glass rear is just same like iPhone 8 Plus but it accommodates dual-camera setup at the end which is vertically orientated.

Speed and Gesture Based iOS

iPhone X comes packed with the same A11 Bionic Processor like iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. The performance is beyond expectation and the interface of the device is fluidic which makes switching between apps a breeze for the users. The AnTuTu score of iPhone X is relatively low than its predecessors. The new Smartphone comes with a new way to interact and navigate the iOS. The home button is missing and it is replaced with Gesture. Accessing of the Control Center is easy now with sliding the down button from top right shoulder and simply pull down the Notification Center from the center notch area.

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The Hardware actions are relatively different. Trying to activate Siri is also easy as it can be done simply by tapping and holding the lock button. The gesture-based interaction is the new Apple iPhone X is the thoughtful way to navigate the home button less iPhone X. The animations in the device are fluid, sleek and futuristic and it is supported by iOS 11 which brings in more customization options including a redesigned Control Center and more.

Face ID & Animojis

The hallmark of iPhone X is its Face ID which is a big gamble that Apple has played with its new launch. This feature has replaced the Touch ID so rather than swiping the fingerprint you just need to look at the phone to unlock it. The Face ID works smoothly in any lighting conditions, even in darker conditions. But you need to ensure that you aim the front camera towards your face and never hold it too close to your face. Apart from Face ID, there is another popular thing about iPhone X and it is the Animojis. Simply launch the messaging app and you will find this new option to send animated emoji to friends and it is referred to as Animoji. It tracks the facial expression of the users with the highest accuracy and records whatever you say and sends it to the recipient. This is like motion capture used in movies. It can be sent to anyone from Android to iOS device users.

Great Camera

iPhone X features 12MP wide-angle lenses with an aperture of f/1.8 and 12MP of telephoto camera lens that comes with wider f/2.4 aperture. It helps you capture images in any lighting conditions and has 2× optical zoom and Portrait Mode which uses the telephoto lens as well. Both the cameras come with optical image stabilization and it can prevent blurriness with shaky hands while zooming any objects with optical zoom. It also improvises the images captured in Portrait Mode. The rear camera is truly stellar and it gives DSLR like effects on the images. The Smartphone features 7MP camera in front with f/2.2 aperture and it features HDR recording and allows you to capture an image in portrait mode too in any light conditions.

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