Apple iPhone buyer’s Guide 2019 – Which one is the best?

Apple iPhone buyer’s Guide 2019 – Which one is the best? Do you desire to buy iPhone? Have you decided which one to pick and how to buy?

We can understand your dilemma as Apple has been launched many iPhone models. We are here to help you! Our iPhone buying guide 2018 will sort out your every confusion with buying iPhone. Just continue to read and enjoy your new iPhone!

Where and how should you buy iPhone?

Apple iPhone Upgrade Program

If you’re an AT&T, Sprint or Verizon consumer looking for a speedy and trouble-free way to buy the iPhone 8 or iPhone X, they can buy it through the iPhone Upgrade Program utilizing Apple Store app.

The iPhone Upgrade Program enables you to pay a month to month expense for an unlocked phone, instead of the maximum in advance, with a choice to move up to another phone once every year after 12 regularly scheduled installments. You’ll just need to pay the mobile’s sales tax in advance. In addition, AppleCare+ benefit is incorporated, which envelops phone support and damage occurrences.

Utilize the Apple Store application

You can sign up to accept the iPhone Upgrade Program by means of the Apple Store App, which is extraordinary, in light of the fact that the Apple Store App is the ideal approach to pre-arrange another iPhone. Utilizing the application, you get the benefits of ordering online. You can utilize your current credit card data to influence your buy, to purchase with gift vouchers, and even look at with Apple Pay. It just requires little effort from your side, that’s not so difficult for you!

The Apple Store applications provide access to many payment plans for your phone

You may  have several options for buying your iPhone at the full retail price and without an agreement:

  • Apple obviously, Apple offers you a chance to buy the iPhone at the maximum for the four noteworthy bearers too. For the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, there’s even a without sim choice that gives you a chance to take your new iPhone to any bearer that you need.
  • Third-party retailers – Best Buy, Target, and Walmart additionally offer the iPhone at the maximum, however, these retailers don’t offer without sim alternatives. So while you can buy your iPhone without an agreement, you’ll still come out of the purchasing exp, experience as a buyer of one of the carriers.
  • Carriers – Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint all give you the choice to buy your iPhone at the full cost, though as expected that option is often highlighted a smaller amount than their own installment plans.

How you get insurance facility for your Apple iPhone?

On the off chance that you purchase another iPhone X or iPhone 8, you want to get protection for your investment. Everybody such as  Apple,  careers and debit card organizations offer some kind of insurance plan or service contract on buys.


Apple care doesn’t provide any protection facilities against any defects, But Apple care+ will do it!

AppleCare+ costs an extra $129 for iPhone 8 and past models, and $199 for iPhone X, and must be acquired either in the meantime or inside of 60 days of buying your iPhone. It will broaden the standard one year guarantee to two years and give you great phone support for those full two years — rather than the 90 days after buy that comes standard. That implies in the event that you at any point keep running into an issue with your iPhone, you can dial 1-800-MY-APPLE and request AppleCare, or you can contact Apple care executives directly

The main thing AppleCare+ does not secure you against is robbery

SquareTrade insurance

SquareTrade offers guarantees like AppleCare, however, are not partnered with or authorized by Apple. Square Trade covers you for drops, spills, and breakdowns, and keeping in mind that the organization doesn’t have retail outlets for in-store fixes, it offers free two-way dispatching.

2-year and 3-year get ready for $129 and $159 individually. Every one of them consequently reestablishes for $69 a year from there on.

Credit  card benefits

Some credit cards provide warranty extensions and programs that ensure against breakage and even robbery. Prerequisites can differ in light of suppliers; however commonly require that you must have an account in good standing

What screen size you have to look for in an iPhone?

There are currently four screen sizes of iPhone accessible: 4in, 4.7in, 5.5in and 5.8in. Which you like best will boil down to individual inclination. We support the 4.7in screen measure for compactness and one-gave utilize, yet the 5.8in screen of the iPhone X is very reasonable in its new frame factor.

In case you’re extremely unsure which iPhone screen size will suit you best, we’d very prescribe going to an Apple Store and getting them. Then again, if that is impossible, take a stab at taunting up the sizes on a bit of paper.

How much storage capacity do you require in an iPhone?

You’ll see that each iPhone is accessible in two capacity choices. It’s essential to consider which you require before you purchase, in light of the fact that iPhones don’t have a microSD card space that will enable you to include extra storage at a later date. 32GB may seem like a great deal of capacity, yet you may be astounded how rapidly that will vanish, especially in the event that you get a kick out of the chance to download heaps of games and applications

64GB will be sufficient for a great many people, however, so consider precisely whether you require any more than that before you hack up the money for the higher limit. Observe your present mobile, and how much storage room you have utilized around decide how much space you truly require.

Positive and negative features of iPhones which will help you to decide your dream gadget:

Apple iPhone X Specifications: 

  • It has the largest screen (5.8 inches) will be a comfort for marvelous gaming and using multimedia.
  • It uses greater OLED technology and conveys highly detailed, vividly bright HDR images.
  • The camera on the iPhone X is virtually the same like on the iPhone 8 plus which offer better Portrait Lighting features.
  • It offers Face ID facial recognition system, which features you cannot find in other iPhones
  • It supports wireless charging using the Qi standard.
  • You can find efficient new processors in iPhone X with the new A11 Bionic chip offering up to 70% better performance
  • Apple Watch and Apple’s wireless AirPods earbuds.are compatible with iPhone X
  • The iPhone X is the most costly iPhone ever, with costs of US$999 and $1149, for the 64GB and 256GB models correspondingly.
  • iPhone X doesn’t include a standard headphone jack, It supports wireless earbuds like Apple’s Air Pods

 iPhone 8 Plus Specifications: 

  • iPhone 8 Plus is pretty similar to iPhone X
  • Other than above features It has Touch ID fingerprint scanners
  • Buying an iPhone 8 Plus will be easier on your wallet. The introductory 64GB model costs $799, $200 less than the equivalent iPhone X. iPhone 8 plus is less expensive
  • The iPhone 8 Plus supports Touch ID, rather than the Face ID system.
  • It doesn’t use OLED, isn’t edge to edge, and doesn’t hold HDR.
  • As compared to iPhone X, its screen size is less that is 5.5 inch
  • The iPhone 8 plus is about a half inch taller and little heavier than the iPhone X.

iPhone 8 Specifications: 

  • Some of the features of iPhone 8 are similar to iPhone 8 Plus. Like storage options, wireless charging, processors, Touch ID, and Apple Pay, 3D Touch Apple Watch compatibility.
  • You won’t find Face ID, HDR, and OLED system here.
  • iPhone8 also don’t comprise advanced photo features such as Portrait Lighting.
  • The iPhone 8’s screen is smaller than that on the 8 plus, and X that is 4.7 inch. So if you want the biggest screen to try for other iPhone models
  • It is more expensive more than other iPhone models
  • Like the 8 Plus, the iPhone 8 doesn’t have a standard headphone jack.

iPhone 7 Plus Specifications: 

  • iPhone 7 plus is Cheaper than the 8 Plus, which starts at $130
  • the 7 Plus doesn’t support wireless charging system
  • The processor performs slowly
  • The camera in the 7 Plus is immense, but the 8 and X offer better than iPhone 7 Plus. You perhaps won’t see much of a variation, but who are very serious about taking photographs must consider other iPhone models.
  • The 7 Plus comprise lower storage capacity that is 128GB But iPhone X and 8 has 256 GB storage capacity
  • It is very large in size so it might be won’t fit in some pockets

iPhone 7 Specifications: 

  • Price of iPhone 7 starts at just $549.
  • 7’s 4.7-inch screen, which easily fits in your hand or pocket.
  • It doesn’t support the special Portrait modes and other camera features. Most people maybe won’t concern it, but it may matter few photographers

iPhone 6S Plus Specifications: 

  • The iPhone 6S Plus is a very solid phone with sturdy features and performance.
  • You’ll get support for Apple technologies like Touch ID, Apple Pay, 3D Touch, the Apple Watch Retina Display, and many more.
  • The lowest-priced version of the 6S Plus starts from $549.
  • The 6S series is the very last iPhone with a fixed headphone jack
  • It has Lower storage capacity (128 GB).
  • The 6S series is manufactured by the A9 processor and M9 motion coprocessor, so low performance
  • – While the iPhone 6S Plus has an excellent camera, but it requires the wide angle, telephoto, and depth-of-field features like 7 Plus, X and 8.

iPhone 6S Specifications: 

  • Price is really attractive that is $449.
  • Same hardware drawbacks as the 6S Plus
  • Like the iPhone 7 when balanced to the 7 Plus, the camera on the iPhone 6S doesn’t have some features

iPhone SE Specifications: 

  • It’s the oldest iPhone model
  • The 32GB SE costs just $349.
  • Its screen size is 4-inch and much smaller than any other phone on iPhone models
  • Apple technologies like Touch ID, Apple Watch Apple Pay, supported by SE

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