Apple is Secretly Working Its Own MicroLED Device Screens for First Time

According to the report from Bloomberg, Apple is designing and producing first time its own MicroLED device displays. For now, the company is developing a small amount of screen for the testing purpose at its secret manufacturing facility near its California headquarters.

The report also says that the technology giant is making a significant investment in the development Micro-LED displays. The next generation Micro-LED displays use new light-emitting compounds that make them slimmer, brighter and less power-hungry than the current OLED screens.

The company works on MicroLED displays hasn’t gone entirely smoothly,  it could be a few years before an Apple-made Micro-LED screen is in users hands. Developing Micro-LED displays are more difficult to produce than OLED displays and apple almost killed the project a year or so ago according to Bloomberg. Apparently, things have been improved recently, technology is now at an advanced stage and engineers making progress. We have to wait a few years to get the Micro-LED devices before seeing the results.

The MicroLED project code name is T159 and headed by Lynn Youngs a long-time Apple employee who helped to develop a screen for the original iPhone and iPad. ANd now he is working on Apple Watch screen technology.

Apple’s secret testing facility is located in Santa Clara, California and about 300 engineers are working on this project. The Bloomberg says:

The 62,000-square-foot manufacturing facility, the first of its kind for Apple, is located on an otherwise unremarkable street in Santa Clara, California, a 15-minute drive from the Apple Park campus in Cupertino and near a few other unmarked Apple offices.

There, about 300 engineers are designing and producing Micro-LED screens for use in future products. The facility also has a special area for the intricate process of “growing” LEDs.

As for now, the consumers have to wait a few years to get microLED displays devices. Recently, the company manufactured the first fully functional MicroLED displays for its Apple Watch.

Apple’s work on its own MicroLED-display technology project that could help Apple make the distance from relying on provider screen panels like Samsung, Sharp, LG Display, and Japan Display.

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