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Apple’s Families Microsite Launched – All Parental Control Tools at One Place

Kids and teenagers misusing smartphones and other gadgets are becoming more common today. Parents, all over the world are looking for ways to ensure that their kids are safe with using these gadgets. Apple Families microsite has rendered a support for that kind of parents, recently.

Well, about over a month ago, two of Apple’s shareholders raised questions about their children’s safety, when it comes to the smartphone addiction. And to our surprise, the Cupertino based smartphone giant has turned up to their concerns.

Apple already has a very good parental control over their kids’ smartphone usage in practice. To elevate that in further, it has now introduced a new ‘Families’ section to its website. This is done specifically to educate parents about the Apple’s initiatives to help them curb their kids’ screen addiction.

Correspondingly, it’s the all-in-one place, where parents could get all the info regarding this. They can have a regular check on the smartphone/tablet usage of their kids. They can even curate the contents that are shown to them through this Apple ‘Families’ microsite.

In addition to all that they can also continually monitor their kids’ location, using special features, like ‘find my friends’.

As mentioned, the company already has effective parental control methods in action. However, this new Apple Families microsite in their website is introduced to support parents who’re still unaware of how to use. It utters everything about the health, privacy, security, and family sharing features.

Hence, to be clear, Apple hasn’t rolled out anything new. But, has clubbed info on them altogether and presented it in a single place. Thus, the company has once again proved its concern over the childcare notations, when it comes to cybersecurity and screen addiction.

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