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iOS 13: Everything you need to know About Apple’s Next Generation Operating System



Apple's iOS 13 Operating system
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iOS 13: Apple’s Next Generation Operating System, Announced at WWDC, iOS 13 is the thirteenth iOS mobile operating system developed by APPLE INC., it being the successor of iOS 12. It was announced in the Worldwide  Developers Conference on June 13, 2019. It is scheduled to be released by the end of 2019.

Announced at WWDC on June 13, 2019, iOS 13 is the next operating system of Apple INC.. iOS is a new Atul for Apple and includes some phenomenal features that will synchronise their data and privacy in a different mode. It is featured for the iPhone and iPods. It includes a dark mode, find my app, a refurbished photo app, SIRI voice control, updated privacy settings, location data limits, look around view in maps, New reminder apps and many more. It is available on iPhone like  6S,6S PLUS, SE, 7, 7 Plus, 8,8 Plus, X, XS, XS Max, XR and is available to iPod touch, and iPod touch(7th generation).

iOS 13  System features :

Dark Mode makes changes the entire view of the screen, darkening everything from the wallpaper to built-in apps. Apple designed a special dark mode feature that turns light to dark when you switch between Dark mode and light mode, to make it look more attractive and will be easy for the functioning. There is also a dark mode API, so developers are going to be able to make third-party apps compatible too.

Siri is the feature used in iOS 13 Operating feature. It uses a software generated voice called ‘Neural TTS’  instead of using clips of humans voice which allows Siri to sound more natural. In Siri shortcut, you will find a new suggestion automation feature that suggests personalised shortcuts that one can create. A personal assistant can access the station from iHeartRadio,

Keyboard a quick type virtual keyboard that features a quick path, allowing the users to swipe fingers to complete the words. This function was previously provided by SwiftKey or Gboard on Android.

Sign in with Apple: This feature will allow you to sign in your accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Google more easily and smoothly. Apple does not track your profile when you use these features. You can also get accessed to various apps by your Apple I’d also. Sign in with apple is authenticated with face ID or Touch ID.

If you don’t want to share your credentials with someone, Apple has created ‘hide my email’  feature that will secure your privacy.

iOS 13 App Feature

Find My app in iOS 13 is the combination of finding my iPhone and find my friend’s app in one. It helps to locate your iPhone and your friends in a much easier way.

It works like the previous app but has attached some new features, offering your phone locational your friend location in one. It helps to find a missing device without connected to WiFi.

Photos This folder has a new look in iOS 13, putting your best photos in front so that you can relive your memories at a glance. Images are also sorted by month wise and date waist, so it’s easy for the user to find their favourite photo.

In the new photo tab, muted live photo and video play as you scroll which as the effect of bringing your photo to the library.

One more feature in this tab is, you can adjust the photo according to the person’s birthday or any event. Apple has added soundtracks for memories.

Camera: In this new option to adjust the position and intensity of studio lighting. Moving the light closer to your subject digitally enhances the effect to smooth skin, sharper eyes, adjust the brightness while moving away from the light.

iOS 13 also adds a new High key mono portrait lightening effect that features a monochromatic subject on the background.

Maps this feature keeps on improving since iOS 12. The new maps app which is expected to be available across the United States by the end of 2019 and in more countries in 2020. It features more beaches, roads, parks, buildings and more.

iOS 13 brings a new Junction view, designed to help drivers avoid wrong turns and gets stuck in traffic. Siri guidance has been improved in iOS 13 with more natural language.

Apple has added flight status information to maps, information about terminals, updated departure time of flights.

iOS 13 Privacy features:

  • In iOS 13,  users have more control when access their location data. There is an option to look to the person location at one time. Apple is also sending the notification when apps are using location data in the background.
  • Apple has implemented new API and controls designed to prevent apps from accessing your location using WiFi and Bluetooth without consent. When apps share data via Bluetooth or WiFi in the background, you will receive notification and can turn off access.

Performance Improvement:

Like iOS 12, iOS 13 notably has changed its many features to comfort its users and make it more user-friendly. It has made devices faster and smoother in working. For device stoat uses face ID, the face ID features unlock up to 30% faster.

It’s running capacity of apps has become faster and apps, in general, are smaller. Apps are 50% smaller in size when you first download them, and 60% smaller on an average when updating.

Because of these renovations, Apple has removed limitations on downloading apps over cellular data and there is an option to choose the size of your app over the LTE network.

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AirPlay 2 Explained Everything You Need to know about Apple AirPlay 2



Apple AirPlay 2
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After away long, wait from the announcement to the availability, Apple’s AirPlay 2 is finally here to use! The announcement is now turned into availability in June 2018 as a part of the IOS 11.4 software update. So let’s get into every inch of details you can and should know about this amazing streaming technology by Apple.

What is Apple AirPlay 2?

Apple AirPlay is a device that allows streaming audio or video from an Apple source like IOS, Home Pod, or Mac computer to another device over a home network. AirPlay 2 now is the updated version expanding the capabilities and features that were in the AirPlay first version.

Apple introduced the AirPlay2 update in 2017 at the World Wide Developer’s Conference. It has the ability to enable device mirroring which means it can share the content on your mobile display to any other device.

How does it work?

AirPlay 2 creates a Multi-room for HomePod, as it helps you control AirPlay-compatible speakers from supporting devices like the iPhone. It is just that the speakers should also support AirPlay2

With AirPlay 2 you are now able to select any speaker in your home to play music from your IOS device. You can also control the volumes of the speakers individually. The only thing you need to do is just swipe up from the bottom of your iPhone screen and work with the controls in Control Centre.

You can also play different songs in different rooms of your place, but this advantage is especially for the Apple Music Subscribers. Siri helps you playing different songs as you just need to ask her to play the songs accordingly and she will do the needful.

One more feature that has come up with AirPlay 2 is that multiple users can add songs to a single playlist. For instance, if one iPhone is the music source of AirPlay then another Apple Music user can send the songs to the source iPhone. This way the task or disconnecting and reconnecting different iPhones can be escaped.

Devices supporting AirPlay 2

This wireless streaming device was rolled out as a part of IOS 11.4 and supports the following Apple devices:

  • iPhone – iPhone series from iPhone 5S to iPhone XS Max
  • iPad – From iPad mini 2 to 12.9in iPad Pro first and second generation
  • iPod Touch – iPod touch 6th generation
  • Apple TV – Apple TV 4th generation
  • MacBook and MacBook Pro – Mac Pro, Mac mini, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air (all from 2010 or later) iMac/ iMac Pro (2009 or later) and MacBook (Late 2009 or later)

Note – AirPlay 2 supports does not support Apple devices that are made more than 7 years ago.

Brands Supporting AirPlay 2 update in their Hardware

Here is the list of various Speakers and TV manufacturing brands that have confirmed the Apple AirPlay2 updated in their existing hardware.

  • LG
  • Samsung
  • Sony
  • Vizio
  • Bluesound
  • Bose
  • Devialet
  • Denon
  • Libratone
  • Marantz
  • NAD
  • Onkyo
  • Pioneer
  • Sonos

Some Advanced features of Apple Airplay 2

Airplay 2 with Apple TV – If you have Apple TV versions like tvOS 11 or later, then you will be able to stream audio to the speakers in your home. It has not just restricted to your iPhone or iPad. Whether it is a soundbar or speaker system connected to the Apple TV it will automatically de facto AirPlay2 speaker.

Airplay 2 with Siri – When it comes to a multi-room audio system, Siri plays an important role. As you are not here restricted to use Siri with just HomePod. You can tell her to play songs on whichever speaker you want to along with playing different songs on different speakers. Siri will work well with any third party having an AirPlay 2 update.

Airplay 2 in HomeKit – AirPlay 2 is functioned well to work with other HomeKit devices. This can be used to alert you on things that are happening or to work on with your routines or schedules that are fixed for the day. Without turning it on you can enjoy the music played automatically once scheduled.

Final Words

Now, whenever you think of listening to music wirelessly there is no need to think of Bluetooth. With Apple AirPlay 2 you can it all with just a Wifi connection. Also, it has a bundle of advanced features to work away different from Bluetooth. So if you are an Apple user expand your ways of listening to music with a completely new experience.

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Apple TV: This Cyber Week an Unexpected Price Mark Down on Apple TV. Grab it now!



Apple TV
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This amazing palm-sized black box is undoubtedly the best video streaming service from Apple. Everyone craves to bring the magic of Internet video to their TV. However, Apple is rarely known to mark down its prices, but this Cyber Week has bought you an opportunity to get this media steamer on a great discounted price. Yes, the Apple TV 4K (32GB) is now $10 down and 64GB is $15off with prices to be exact – $169 and $184 respectively.

The retailers have stretched the Thanksgiving holiday week happiness by increasing the discounts and deals in Cyber Week as compared to the Black Friday offers.

Highlighting some mesmerizing features of this wonderful video streaming device are:

  • Compatible with n number of apps to have the easy access
  • Add on benefit of 1-year free subscription to AppleTV Plus.
  • Loaded with various audio and video formats like 4K, HDR10, Dolby Atmos, Dolby Vision etc.
  • A Siri remote with rechargeable battery
  • Easy access to all the files of iCloud and iTunes.
  • An impulsive touchpad that lets your swipe through the screen with easy scrolling and tapping.
  • A microphone button to talk to Siri (Apple’s virtual Assistant) and give her commands.
  • It also have a 15seconds rewind facility. So if you missed something just ask Siri “What did they say?”
  • As far the spec updates are concerned it is expected to have Bigger Hard Drive, Mac mini AppleTV and a faster processor.

This Cyber Week you can get the best deals for Apple TV on stores like B&H, and BT Shop. We hereby list the best Apple deals on few stores:

Amazon – Up to 34% savings on Apple-TV and Apple TV Siri remotes.

B&H Photo Video – Up to $15 off on Apple-TV and Apple TV 4K.

Walmart – Up to 75% discounts on various Apple devices.

Got amazed with these astonishing discounts on your favourite product from Apple? Well these are just a few! Explore more and you will get more.

As the Cyber Week sale is time sensitive so we suggest you to check out the pages and hit first on the best ever Apple TV deal to actually enjoy the Thanksgiving!

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Apple’s 5G iPhone Arrives in the year 2020



5G iPhone
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Apple’s 5G iPhone Arrives in the year 2020, Apple is one of the brands which is having the costliest phone of all. Not many people use this phone but people always urge for buying this phone. The design and specifications are not as great as compared to the price of the phone. But still, the design and specifications of the phone seek attraction of all. After iPhone XS Max and iPhone, XS Apple is going to launch their model in the year 2020. Price is the most important factor for every people. Let’s see what Apple sets the price of the upcoming iPhone 5G.

Intel providing the modem chip for Apple 5G iPhone

The plan of Apple is to use the Intel’s 8161 5G modem chip on the upcoming phone of Apple for the year 2020. Intel will be fabricating 8161 by using 10-nanometer process.

This will help in increasing the density of transistor which will increase the efficiency and speed. If nothing goes wrong, then Intel will be the main provider for the modem of the upcoming iPhones.

According to some of the source Apple is not so much happy with Intel. This is because of the issue related to heat dissipation on the 8060 chip.

There will be many wireless carriers like the AT and T and Verizon in the U.S. that will be relying initially on the millimeter-wave spectrum which comes between 28 GHz and 39 GHz.

This will be used to connect the first 5G phones. However, they will be requiring some heavy lifting from RF chains and modem chips. This will cause to release thermal energy at a rate which is more than the normal level.

This may cause the heat to be felt outside of the phone. This problem of heat can also affect the life of the battery.

However, the issues are not so serious with Intel which will let Apple start a conversation with Qualcomm for supplying the modem chips of 5G. Not only this, but the X50 modem of the Qualcomm also created a problem related to heat issues on other phones.

Apple also had a conversation with the Media Tek

Apple also had a talk with the Media Tek for supplying their new 5G iPhone with their modem chips.  But according to some sources, this is a plan B which is far away. Media Tek is also working for the 5G modems but they are basically for the phones with low price and not for the flagship phones. However, there is ample time for resolving these problems among themselves.

The beginning of the Apple 5G iPhone onslaughts

This debut of the 5G will take place on the Mobile World Congress show in the month of February next year. Moreover, Xiaomo, Oppo and Huawei will be having 5G modem powered by Qualcomm. Releasing the phone for the year 2020 is a sensible plan but not a surprising one. The final decision of this 5G modem took place this year only. However, the major market will be limited next year.

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Apple iPhone XS and XS Plus are coming soon as per the hands-on video



iPhone XS
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Apple is a brand which provides the user with a classy phone. The phone may cost high but still, people buy and those who cannot buy, have a dream to buy the phones. It’s not only a name but if you take a phone of Apple in hand, you will surely feel the difference when compared with other phones. This time within a month Apple is going to unleash the latest iPhone. Now there are various leaks and reports. According to a new video, there is a dummy unit of the device that will come within a month of time. Apple will be releasing iPhone XS Plus and iPhone XS.

Apple iPhone XS and XS Plus

The Apple iPhone XS Plus will be having a bigger display than the Apple iPhone X and the iPhone XS will be having a smaller display than the iPhone X.

According to some of the reports it can be said that the single entry-level device that is the iPhone 9 will replace the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. The successor of the iPhone X that is it will be released within a certain period of time. It will be the second iPhone and the third iPhone will be the iPhone XS Plus.

It will provide the user with an upgraded camera and hardware. Not only this, it will also carry the design similar to that of the iPhone X. The phone will be having an OLED screen of 5.8 inches display.

Now, when it comes to iPhone XS Plus it can be said this the first ever iPhone with the largest screen. The screen will be of size 6.5 inches and will have OLED panel. This will also have a design and hardware similar to that of iPhone XS. The iPhone XS Plus will be having a triple camera setup which will make the price of the phone around $1000.

The event of Apple will take place on September

Let’s hope for the best that the price of the phone will not be so high. But no one can say about this other than Apple. Within a month the event will be taking place. The event will take place in the first week of September. Apple is the first company of the United States in the history which is valued at trillion dollars.

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Apple MacBook Pro 2018 : A Brief Review of



Apple MacBook Pro 2018
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Apple’s 2018 revive represents incredible upgrade to its range of MacBook laptops that are focused for video editors and professional photographers, even for power users. The all new Apple MacBook Pro 2018 model features a 13” display which is quite portable and designed for creative users who need powerhouse compact workstation. The latest model of MacBook 2018 has been upgraded with improved specifications and comes with revamped keyboard which expected to address some of the issues faced by users of previous MacBook models.

The Tue Tone software by Apple is integrated to adjust the screen color temperature dramatically to fit the ambient light of surroundings. Besides, the model sports Apple Voice activated assistant, Siri and other accessibility features. Overall, Apple has come forth with a good looking compact metal body that is bulging with promises.

Apple MacBook Pro 2018  Design

The latest Apple MacBook Pro 2018 is virtually identical to all its previous model as the body and design is inspired by the earlier versions of MacBook. It comes with two set of micro drilled holes that sit either of the keyboards for blasting music. Gauging 212.44×304×14.99mm, the Apple MacBook Pro 2018 model is not going to consume much of your space in workstation and your bag. It weighs only 1.37Kg which is on a par with other average laptop models. It is remarkable slim design which means it is quite slender compared to the other performance laptops in the market.

MacBook Pro

The lack of ports and butterfly switched keyboards are replaced with four Thunderbolts. It works with USB connections and supports all Thunderbolt accessories. The configuration storage is up to 2TB on 13” version and 4TB on 15” versions and the memory is up to 16GB on 13” model and 32GB on 15” models.

In regards to the processor, the Apple MacBook Pro 2018 model comes with basic 8th Gen 2.3GHz quad core i5 CPU, while the 15” model features 2.9 GHz hexa core i9-8950HK CPU.

The Keyboard and Trackpad of Apple MacBook Pro 2018

There is lots of talks going on regarding the rubber layers that sit under the keycaps on the newer model of Apple MacBook Pro. It has the 3rd generation butterfly switch keyboards. Installation of such switches reduces the likeliness of key breakage. The keyboard travel is shallow which is not really different from all other line up. But the layout is as similar to that of all older MacBook Pros. However, you would enjoy the typing sensation caused by the keyboard.

The Trackpad of the device is super responsive and smooth indeed. Moreover, the scrolling of the pages would be a breeze with this model. But at times it may awkwardly depress which make clicking quite difficult.

Apple MacBook Pro 2018 The Touch Bard

The touch bar of Apple MacBook Pro 2018 is still the same that is derived from its predecessor. Users would appreciate to tap on the volume controls and crank or dip the music while streaming. It allows streaming videos in QucikTime or Final Cut Pro X. However, the performance of the Touch Bar greatly depends on the applications that you are using.

Apple MacBook Pro 2018 Display

The display of Apple MacBook Pro 2018 model is above your expectation. Colorimeter tests are at its maximum brightness recorded at the high levels of luminosity 514.1 nits. The display is designed and maxed out the whole sRGB color gamut, while the wider Adobe RGB gamut is 84%/ The DCI P3 score of the model is quite impressive which is 98.3% and the recorded color temperature is 6514K which is far off the 6500K.


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