Android 13 cones with new features

Google has released the first developer preview of Android 13. While a lot of smartphones are yet to receive the Android 12 update, the software giant has already started testing the upcoming version of Android. Google is promising a lot more with the upcoming releases, with the main focus being “developer productivity along with privacy and security”.
The upcoming Android OS brings features such as improved Content U-themed icons, new language controls, a new photo picker, new Wi-Fi permissions, and more. The initial preview of Android 13 is for developers instead of regular users. So, if you are excited about this Android version, it is better to wait for the beta version at least.
Google has already revealed the release timeline for Android 13 to help developers understand when they plan to make the new operating system available to the public. The company will first release two developer previews of Android 13 during February and March. After this it will roll out the beta version from April.
According to the details given by Google, the stable version of Android 13 is expected to be ready by July. Android 13 may be made available to other Android device makers in early August. Hence, non-Pixel users can expect a release in September or October this year.
The official release to the public will happen later this year and if you’re a Pixel user, you can get Android 13 a little earlier than other Android users. It should be noted that Google recently stopped software support for both the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL smartphones. Therefore, they will not receive new Android OS updates.
Google has already confirmed the list of devices that will continue to receive software updates in the future. In this, Pixel 6 will get Android version updates and security patches till October 2024, while Pixel 5a 5G will be eligible till August 2024. Google will no longer provide software support for the Pixel 4a (5G) after November 2023.
This year, the Pixel 3a will get the last software update in May and the Google Pixel 4 series will stop receiving the update after October. Those who own a Pixel 5 should note that this flagship will be eligible for a software update until October 2023.

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