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Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Generation) Reviews: Good Sound and Great Looks

The Amazon echo dot is a smart technology freak smart speakers with Alexa voice embedded in it. It provides the best sound audibility and is a sound blaster technology. There is a 1st,2nd,3rd generation Amazon Echo dot available at Amazon. You can get it through Alexa.Amazon.Com. You can choose as per your requirement and can give your house a new gift of sweet sound.

3rd generation Amazon Echo device is a softer, sound aesthetic with fabric sides. It is slightly larger by all the sides as compared to its other variants, measuring 99mm in diameter and 43 mm tall.

At the back of echo, there fitted a power socket, replacing a micro USB socket of the old Dot, and an analogue socket for connecting to a stereo. On top of it, there is a sound button, action button, microphone mute button.

You can use Bluetooth to stream the music from it to other speakers or from your phone to other devices to use it as a Bluetooth speaker.

Difference between 2nd gen. and 3rd gen. –

Some of the minute differences between them :

  • Improved speaker with much more better volume.
  • Fewer microphones on the new one, but with a better sound arrangement from the other.
  • A really good and captivating design

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Amazon Echo Dot Reviews:

Amazon Echo Dot is really good at picking up speech. Echo correctly responds to the answers and will help you cope up with it in a much fast time. Music speakers are good, though Amazon clearly brought into the beats theory of equalisation with phenomenal sound quality. The assistant voice is clear and audible within the range of 600 sq feet room.

Some of the unavoidable functions are also there like, some command gaps that seems like obvious misses. For example, echo can playback music from your prime account and it was able to play artist, album, genre and even band members but not my playlist.

Some of the most commendable features include adding things to a do list are tied to Amazon software and services. It can play music with only prime accounts looked in your devices. It can create a task list but can’t integrate it to perform. It can tell you the temperature, but can’t adjust your Wi-Fi thermostats.

But overall, this device is appreciated by its users and they are waiting to see more devices like this in the coming time.

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