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Amazing feature of Google Map, give a name to your streets and neighbourhood, know-how will work

A wonderful feature will be added to Google Map, with the help of which users will be able to make some changes in Google Map. That means Google Map will soon have the edit option, with the help of which users will be able to rename their street, street to anonymous street. Also, you will be able to give another name to any street, locality or place. Also, if you write wrong information about a street, then you will get the option to delete it. 

How will we be able to give the place a new name?

If you give a new name to a street that did not have a name from before, all you have to do is drop a pin. After this, users will be able to name the street or any place. The name given by you will be verified by Google. After this, if the name is found correct, it will get updated after 7 days. 

How will it be beneficial? 

With the new update of Google Map, Google wants to name the streets anonymously correctly and accurately, which will help people in travelling. In fact, Google wants to map places and roads that are not known before. Apart from this, Google Map will also launch another new feature, in which users will be able to name the photo. Through this feature, you will be able to give users complete information about a place without writing a full review.

The new feature will be available in 80 countries 

Google has shared information about this new feature of Maps in its blog post. This feature will soon be rolled out to 80 countries with new updates. Currently, in Google Maps, users can only mark a PIN for a particular location. With the addition of this new feature, the correct information about a location will be recorded. 


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