WhatsApp launched a dedicated ‘Safety in India’ resource hub that outlines a range of safety measures to help people stay safe online. The launch of Resource Hub follows WhatsApp’s week-long campaign #TakeCharge to promote safe use of the Internet.

WhatsApp said in a statement, “The safety of our users is at the core of everything we do on WhatsApp and launching a dedicated ‘Safety in India’ resource hub to educate and empower users to take control of their online security.” One way to reiterate our commitment to empowering.”

WhatsApp said, “Over the years, we have made significant product changes to help enhance user security and privacy. In addition to continuous product innovation, we have also continuously invested in cutting-edge technology, artificial intelligence, data scientists, experts and processes to help improve user safety and privacy. Support users security”.

Resource Hub researches important topics around online safety, privacy and security, dispels common myths, and creates awareness on how users can protect themselves from potential cyber scams in today’s digitally connected world. can.

Through the ‘Safety in India’ hub, WhatsApp aims to create awareness about various security measures and in-built product features that empower users to take control of their security while using the service.

Resource Hub also talks about advanced technology that WhatsApp highlights along with India specific process which helps in preventing the spread of misinformation and any kind of misuse on the platform.

“We hope this resource will equip users with the information they need to protect their privacy and navigate the Internet safely,” WhatsApp said.

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