11 crore Indians will stop using WhatsApp on implementation of the new privacy policy

WhatsApp is suffering a lot in India due to the new privacy policy. According to the survey conducted by Internet Media Local Circles, 5 percent of Indians have deleted WhatsApp account. While 22 percent of Indians have said to reduce the use of WhatsApp. While 21 percent of people are using another messaging app instead of WhatsApp, 75 per cent said to avoid business chat. 93 per cent of the people said that they would not use the WhatsApp payment service. There are around 400 million WhatsApp users in India. In such a situation, according to statistics, about 2 lakh people have stopped using the app due to the new privacy policy. The same 8.1 million people have said that they are using other messaging apps and 8.8 crore people have reduced the use of WhatsApp.  

11 crore Indians can stop using WhatsApp 

According to the results of CMR’s research, 79% of users are rethinking whether to use WhatsApp or not. According to recent research conducted by Cybermedia Research (CMR), 76% of people are aware of WhatsApp’s new privacy policy. 79% of people are rethinking the use of WhatsApp and 28% have decided to stop using WhatsApp after the implementation of the new policy in May 2021. If WhatsApp implements its new privacy policy in May, around 11.2 crore Indians can stop using WhatsApp. 

49 per cent of users are upset with the new privacy policy

  • 49% of users are angry due to WhatsApp’s new privacy policy.  
  • 45% of WhatsApp users have decided that they will never trust WhatsApp. 
  • 35% of WhatsApp users have lost faith in WhatsApp. 
  • 10% of WhatsApp users have said that the new privacy policy of WhatsApp does not matter. 


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