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10 best Cases, Covers and Accessories for Huawei P20 Pro

Huawei P20 Pro, So you’re the proud owner of the Huawei P20 and now are worried no end to protecting it. Well, let your worries go to sleep as here we have gathered top 10 cases, covers, and accessories that not only will protect and provide you better service but will enhance the look of p20 as well. So here we go with the top 10 list:

As is, the P20 comes with a big 6.1-inch screen that just happens to be water resistant as well. With 6GB RAM and 8-megapixel triple camera you definitely have a lot to beam about and with the list addition, you might want to pass eyeglasses to others.

Yes, the Huawei P20 is the latest smartphone to hit the market and even though they may not be famous as their counterparts Sony or Samsung, they still have their fans.

And, no doubt the first part to protect is certainly the body and that’s where our cases come in. So let’s begin:

1- Spigen Rugged Armor HUAWEI P20 pro case:

  • Case is designed especially for the wireless charging ability
  • The flexible TPU case comes with an interior spider web pattern. It also has raised lips that help in protecting the display
  • Air cushion technology is used to absorb shock
  • Tactical buttons are added for easy access and feedback

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2- Huawei P20 Pro Case ultra thin DD style PU cover + TPU back stand case:

  • Precise cut out that gives full and easy access to all the controls
  • The cover is premium quality in a PC case that is easy to install and remove so the body does not get scratched
  • The stand feature makes it easy to watch programs
  • Cutouts made especially for the speaker, camera and other ports make use of features easy
  • The leather case is made from select imported leather with a pearl bottom mix bump that gives a delicate and extraordinary look

Huawei KuGi ultrathin

3- Huawei P20 handmade wallet leather pro case:

  • Premium PU leather that gives a firm grip and long-lasting durability
  • The case is made from a very fine texture and has a very soft tactical look
  • RFID technology or Radio Frequency Identification technology that uses radio signals to verify certain data. With this feature you can read your cards information nearly 3 meters away. The case is designed especially to protect not just your device, but cards as well. Yes, the case blocks RFID waves to penetrate and steal your card information
  • 100% handmade by the best craftsmanship
  • The design is sleek yet professional and comes in various colors
  • The card slot and note holder has ample space so you can carry your phone and cash in one hand
  • Easy access to all ports
  • The kickstand feature provides comfort in watching videos
  • The magnetic clip protects the case from opening unwanted

HualuBro Genuine Leather handmade protective case

4- Huawei Official P20 pro case for Magnetic Car Holders:

  • Innovative case that has metal plate on the back. This allows you to easily use it with your magnetic car holders that gives you the ability to use your P20 Pro in an upright position.
  • The case is slim yet stylish

Huawei p20 pro car case

5- Official Huawei Smart View Flip Case

  • The official Huawei smart view case comes with a unique feature with a semi-transparent shade that allows you to see the time with ease
  • No wallet slots or other added pockets, giving a slim look

Official Huawei p20 smart view flip case

Accessories for Huawei P20

6- Olixar Tempered Glass Screen Protector:

  • Tempered glass screen protector built especially for P20 Pro
  • Long lasting and easy to install
  • Protects from getting scratched. The glass also protects from getting any cracks and also protects the screen from shattering

Olixar Huawei P20 pro tempered glass

7- 4smarts VoltDock USB-C

  • The case is compatible with P20 and offers an easy portrait charging mode
  • The design is simple yet elegant and does not cost much
  • The USB-C is expected to last a long time so you won’t be purchasing another one soon
  • Barely 100 grams makes it very light to hold

4smart voltdock universal USB c desktop charger

8- Soundmagic E10 in-ear headphones

  • Award winning headphones give nothing, but the crystal clear sound
  • Good looks and durability in one
  • Cables are reinforced
  • Headphones come in an easy fabric carry-along the case
  • You also get 7 earpieces, a fit for all
  • If you don’t like the headphones that came in the box with the P20, you will definitely love these

soundmagic e10 in ear headphones

9- Kingston Canvas 32GB Micro SD card

  • A micro SD slot and you don’t have an SD card. Well, look no further than the Kingston Canvas 32 GB micro SD card. It offers:
  • Crystal clear sound
  • High definition viewing
  • A large 32GB that gives you ample space to store all your favorite shows and songs

Kingston canvas select class 10 micro sd card

10- Goobay  Magnetic USB-C CableGoobay

Micro USB Magnetic Charge and Sync Cable give you the same magnetic apparatus features as the MacBook. In case you step on the charging cable, worry not as it will harmlessly break and not get spoilt. The charger is easy to plug in. The durable braided design gives a long lasting look.

goobay micro USB magnetic charge and sync cable


Gosento Clear TPU Case

This case is simple and effective as it’s a clear TPU case making it ideal choice for protecting your device. Though it may lack some heavy protection, nevertheless, the case will protect your devices back from scratches. The soft texture gives you a firm grip and is impact resistant as well.

Gosento crystal absorption scratch transparent

In this list, we have selectively given you a choice that is best of best. You will definitely be happy with these products and want to flash around your device more. So go ahead and see what captures your eyes and desires.

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