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Xiaomi Mi Exchange: Now Xiaomi Smartphones can be exchanged online through

Xiaomi Mi Exchange: Now Xiaomi Smartphones can be exchanged online through, Xiaomi phones have gained a huge success in recent years by providing a huge number of features in a phone in a really low and affordable price. They are also reliable enough to buy. Service centers for Xiaomi are also increasing day by day where people with Xiaomi phones can be serviced. Now with the release of new phones, people often desire to buy the new model by selling the old phones.

But for selling the old phone people are not satisfied with the price they are getting. So to make people comfortable in exchanging the old model with new model Xiaomi is giving a great offer Mi Exchange which people are liking.

Does the Mi Exchange programme provide the customer with the best exchange price?

This trade-in programme was launched in the month of November 2017. But recently a website has been created by Xiaomi to exchange the old phone with the new phone through the site Users can apply an exchange coupon which can be used for replacing your old phone. Xiaomi has stated the customer will get the best exchange value depending on the condition of the market price and also the condition of the handset.

How can one apply for the Mi Exchange offer and how does the Mi exchange offer works?

For availing the Mi exchange offer you will be going to the site that is and there you will have to select the smartphone that you want to exchange. Then you will have to accept the exchange offer and when you have accepted the exchange value offer that has been provided by Xiaomi by the use of IMEI number, the account that you are having will be credited with the coupon of the exchange value.

By using this coupon you can buy a new smartphone. All you have to do is to order the smartphone that you want to buy and while doing the check out you will have to use the coupon of exchange value. During the time of delivery of the new smartphone of Xiaomi, you will have to hand over the old handset.

Points that you will have to keep in mind during the time of exchanging

Xiaomi has stated that the phone can only be exchanged if the smartphone is in working condition and there is no physical damage caused to the phone. All the locks and screen locks should be disabled by you. Your account must also be unlocked in order to exchange the phone. The phone that you are wishing for exchange must be there in the Xiaomi list. Now the main point is that the customer can exchange only one phone at a time.

The validity of the Mi Exchange offer

The exchange offer coupon is valid for a time span of 14 days from the time it has been issued. After crossing 14 days the coupon is longer valid. It is applicable for buying smartphones only. No other accessories can be bought using this exchange value coupon.


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