WhatsApp Update to stop Users From taking Screenshot of Private Chat

WhatsApp Update to stop Users From taking Screenshot of Private Chat, A New WhatsApp Update might stop the screenshot of private chats. This new update is a part of security reasons.

  • WhatsApp could be rolling out a new feature to block screenshot of private chats
  • The Facebook-owned app will introduce this new feature in the upcoming update
  • Users will have to scan fingerprint to access their chats

It doesn’t display to block someone from taking a Screenshot if private conversations. It means when you turn on the security settings, you won’t be able to grab of your own. The changes have come as an authentication part that has been processing from a very long time. This feature allows people to set fingerprint security to conversations, adding security to chats so that strangers can’t get accessed to private chats or messages. However, enabling that fingerprint security option also turns on the conversation screenshot blocking option that means it is not possible to take pictures of your own chats.

On reports, it is not clear why these features are being upgraded, because WhatsApp has already decided to prevent screenshot when a fingerprint is enabled.

It is possible for the app to notify both people that things have grabbed as with Snapchat stories feature. App has also banned screenshot from live streaming also, whether it’s Netflix or Amazon.

The details of the above update have appeared to an early version of the app that is available to some Android users. This had served as a testing ground for new features.

Before accessing the app, the authentication feature would ask users to affirm their identity via their fingerprints. On enabling this feature even after affirming their identities, users would not be able to take a screenshot.

“Fingerprint security- when an enabled fingerprint is required to open WhatsApp chats screenshot are blocked. You can reply to messages from notification and answer calls if WhatsApp is locked”. WhatsApp trying to increase the security of their users.


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