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WhatsApp to tell users how many times a particular message is forwarded

Users can go to the info section to know how many times a particular message is forwarded. WhatsApp-facebook owned social media site is now going to launch its new feature in its update. In the upcoming update of WhatsApp, it will display the number that how many times a particular message has been forwarded to some other user. The app is working hard to fight with fake news, rumours that are spread through social media sites.

WhatsApp shows two highlighted options one is the ‘forwarding info’ and the other is the ‘frequently forwarded’. The feature helps the users to know about that forwarded message. WhatsApp has already put a global limit on the sharing of messages to five contacts at a time.

‘Forwarding info’ option helps the users to check how many persons the message has been forwarded to. If you check the message info box it will display 1,2 or 3 times. The only issue that is arising is still unclear that this facility will be available to those messages that you forward as receive from some other users.


‘Frequently forwarded’ this option displays that if any message is forwarded to more than five times per user the account will be delivered with remarks frequently forwarded. The purpose of this update to it is this feature might be created to an auto-alert of a kind. If a particular message is getting frequently forwarded, WhatsApp may check the message.


WhatsApp has faced a lot of criticism regarding fake news being spread through their app, which led to incidents of violence, and many thought sharing views being processed by many users. WhatsApp has added a feature ‘forwarded’ being displayed on every message that gets forwarded by someone, so as to check the originality of that message. This served to know the recipient of that message.

Now since its election time, so the app authorities are highly focusing on some fake news and messages that are being spread by the means of WhatsApp.

This feature has to be released for some users, but it will be updated soon.


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