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What is Online Bill Payment: Reasons to use an Online Billing Program

An online bill payment, in invoicing, is an electronic way (through the internet) of paying for the buyer and charging the invoice for the seller of a commercial operation.If you manage a company, regardless of its size, or you are autonomous, you may have thought about using an online billing program to speed up all the procedures that a business activity entails. HPS WorldWide is a simple, intuitive and professional billing program that, thanks to applications, allows you to use online bill payments to collect your invoices and that are marked as paid.

There are barely two weeks left until a new year begins and, even unconsciously, we all make plans to improve our lives. The illusion, they say, is the last thing lost. If you manage a company, regardless of its size, or you are autonomous, you may have thought about using an online billing program to speed up all the procedures that a business activity entails. And if you start from January? We want to help you and we will give you 10 reasons to use an online billing program in 2020.

1) Billing Instantly with the Online Billing Program

No matter where you are. With an online billing program, you will only need a mobile device – phone or tablet – and Internet connection to issue an invoice. In addition, with applications such as Ticketless you can use the tickets as invoices automatically. Forget the dreaded paper chaos: with a photo, the application uploads the ticket to the online billing program and the document is registered.

2) Automatic Accounting

With an online billing program, it is possible to automate recurring accounting tasks. In this way you will always have all the information at hand and you can review it in real time. The main reports (VAT model 303, the income statement and the balance sheet) are generated at the moment, automatically. In this way, last-minute accounting jams are avoided at the end of the quarter.

3) Control of Income and Expenses and Bank Reconciliation

This advantage is closely related to the previous one. By being able to keep an automatic accounting, you can keep track of current income and expenses This will let you know the payment status of your bills and your expenses. In addition, another reason why it is better to use an online billing program is to facilitate bank reconciliation. All this will help you improve the control of economic resources, have greater security in case of a possible inspection and have updated information to make decisions.

4) Connection with Banks

The online billing program allows a direct connection of business accounting with the bank. In this way, taxes can be paid directly from the application, with integrated digital certificates and manage the files with remittances of payments and collections which allows to have the treasury data updated daily.

5) Save Time

All the automatic operations performed by the online billing program have a main advantage: they save time. The program will help you complete the data of your customers and suppliers immediately. They also allow you to automatically submit the quarterly VAT and IRPF forms, and the data will remain registered. It will not be necessary to introduce them again when making annual summaries.

6) All Regularized

An online billing program is a guarantee that all your billing complies with the law. For this, it is important that you know how to choose the online billing program that interests you most. The one that is approved by the AEAT and meets all the requirements established by the legislation.

7) Error Reduction

We have already commented on occasion how Word or Excel invoice templates, as well as other invoice models, say, rudimentary, can lead to errors such as duplication of quantities, data that can be forgotten, and so on. With an online billing program, you will no longer have to worry about those delays.

8) More Organization

Thousands of folders or filing cabinets will no longer be necessary to save all the information. With the online billing program, you will have everything stored in the cloud. More accessible and faster than anywhere else. The information is stored on the provider’s servers with all security guarantees, so that the documents are always ready for comparison.

9) Better Relationship with the Advisor or the Agency

Why do I want a cloud accounting program if I have an advisor? The answer is obvious: having an online billing program is not only compatible with having an advisor but it also improves the relationship since you can have all the accounting data immediately, without the need for calls or visits to your office to clarify numbers or Provide invoices at the last minute.

10) Easy to use

This is perhaps the biggest advantage. It is not necessary to attend an accounting course or read complicated instruction manuals. The HPS WorldWide online billing program is designed by professionals with more than 50 years of experience in professional accounting, taxation and finance management. The program presents an interface that allows viewing the results of all online accounting from a simple and very intuitive control panel. The user will only need an Internet connection to access their fiscal data in a completely confidential way and from any device (phone, computer or tablet).

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