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Uber India Apps Enables Free Calls Between Riders And Drivers

Uber is a transportation tracery company headquartered in San Francisco, California. it offers services like peer to peer ridesharing, taxi cab hailing, food delivering, and bicycle – sharing system. The company has a network in around in 785 metropolitan areas worldwide.

Its platforms can be assessed via its website or by mobile app. Uber has been so sharing with the users as they lend their taxi services with full devotion and comfort. it is estimated to have around 100 million users worldwide and a 69% market shares in the US.

Uber, in its new update, going to add a new feature program that offers free call between rider and driver. With, the new feature in Uber, it is tapping into VoIP to enable voice call between rider and driver.

The feature was globally announced in October last year, and it is being rolled out to new users in India. While the feature adds on the function to add make VoIP calls, Uber Riders will continue to make calls using the network, like they have been doing from a past time.

Alongside to make calls by Internet for its Riders, it has unable the feature of its driver partner as well. This means that Uber drivers can also make free calls to their Riders.

This feature will definitely be an effective move as it will keep the contact number of both driver and rider secretly.

The driver will not be able to know the number of the driver as when they will call then it will only show ‘Uber’ highlighting on the screen of your cellphones.

How do Uber Free VoIP calls work?

This newly released feature will work more efficiently as, whenever you book a cab to travel around and call your driver. it will offer two options- The first option is a standard call that relies on your cellular network.

The second option is tapped as ‘free call’ which uses the VoIP system to place a call. Once you click on the option, the Uber app will grant you permission to access the microphone of your device.

Once the permission is granted, Uber start the call and you will see a screen with the name of your driver along with the timer for the call. At this setup, the contact number will be kept private which adds additional privacy into the application.

We will have more clarity about it, but till now UberIndia users will call driver and vice versa without having relied on their mobile network.

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