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Tiktok Fined for $5.7 million for breaching children privacy

Tiktok, a video-sharing app has grasped a space on every mobile phone. It is one of the most popular video sharing app in the recent past. It users has been increased tremendously. But from so many days, it has been under some delegations regarding the privacy of children under the age of 13. They uploaded the content under the age-appropriate content as a part of a settlement with US regulatory.


The US Federal Trade Commission said Tiktok, which is commonly known as, violated children privacy laws by failing to gather parental permission before uploading the content of their children under the age of 13. Parents of various children reported against this app, to not get indulge their children activities in this app to get better results. app which was an app to create short funny videos, emotional videos by just editing their photo in it. It has been instructed to block the content of children under the age of 13. However many children at the age of 8 or 9 started using this app.


‘The parents have regularly complained about it’ – said the reports.


The Chinese company which owns Tiktok acquired by in 2017 for $800million and soon became popular among the users. Tik Tok has been downloaded by around 200 million people and they are sincerely active on it, by uploading various video on it.


Under the pact, they are asking the users to re-entry their age and will remove all the content that comes under the age of 13.


Younger users will be directed ‘age appropriate environment’ limit which does not allow to enter their personal details.


In the UK all users have to enter their age to continue using this app and they should be above the age of 13.


Accounts on the app are automatically set by public default, meaning that millions can simply view the uploaded content but can’t upload the new video until they enter their age.


As part of the settlement, Tiktok will also pay $5.7million, the penalty for not considering the child privacy.


“We care deeply about the safety and privacy of the users”, Tiktok said.


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