Tiktok Banned all over India: No more clips, memes, scantily clad or music videos

Tiktok download was banned by Madras High Court in Tamil Nadu on April 3, saying it encouraged pornography and warning that it’s a harmful app for the up going and for a coming generation too. The option to download this video sharing and memes, clips, scantily clad named Tiktok app has been banned by Madras high court.

A popular video sharing app Tiktok has been deleted from Google and Apple app stores in India after the Madras high court banned it all over in India. This Chinese developer Bytedance technology effort has made Indian youth a puppet. They keep on dancing in front of their camera, making various types of unethical videos and then sharing them. Tiktok ban also triggered a series of memes and jokes on social media.

Tiktok has received huge success in the recent past. Tiktok has been downloaded more than 240 millions times in India. More than 30 million users installed the app in January 2019, 12 times more than in the same month last year.

Jokes, memes, short video clips get uploaded on this app related to India’s thriving industry dominate the platform.

Why Tik Tok has been banned in India?

After Madras High Court put a ban on this app, the popular sharing app has vanished from Google and Apple app stores in India. The Madras high court had requested to put a ban on this app as they showed some inappropriate content that can potentially be dangerous for youth and can destroy young minds. There should be a law regarding this type of apps.

Why only ban Tik Tok, ban all the other social media sites for teenagers that are destroying our youth. Because everyone knows that these sites are harmful to our society.

Recently in October, the government has banned all porn sites all over r the country. This move was not appreciated by majority of youth, but this move helped the teenagers to divert their minds in goodwill. But still, they banned for some reason.

The only thing is to safeguard our youth from all these harmful social media sites.

Similarly, if Tiktok is harming the youth then it also has to be banned, it’s just a waste of time and misusing the social platform for a bad cause.

Government Action against Tiktok

The government strictly ordered Google and apple to remove the app from play stores. Google immediately blocked the access to Tik Tok download from its play store in India to comply with the court orders.

The government said in a statement that it does not comment on the individual app but adheres to local laws.

A spokesman from Tiktok did not tell anything as the matter is still with the court.

The top court had referred the case to state court where a judging panel rejected Bytedance request to put ban hold on the app.

The state court has requested written submission from Bytedance in the case and has scheduled the next hearing on April 24. Till then time being, Tiktok is unavailable for the new users that are trying g to download it.


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