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Snapchat stories will soon be Available on Tinder

Snapchat users will now be able to send their stories directly to Tinder. The upcoming new feature will be introduced later this year as a part of newly launched App stories announced on Thursday in Los Angeles.

When users go to upload their photos or videos, taken on Snapchat they can now currently choose whether to share the snap as a story or to a private reception.

Under the new set of rules, My Tinder story option will be displayed allowing users to upload the desired photo or video as a story.

Since then it is not clear how the stories will be displayed in Tinder as the work has to be done now.

Snapchat is finding difficult to get traffic towards their app as it does not contain the useful and attractive function which other social media platforms contains. But from now, they are trying to give the best of the facility to their users by launching various functions under their update.

The no.of daily users of Snapchat have fallen down by 1 million compared with a year ago but the figure is still updated at 186 million.

Tinder used various steps to stand among them, but could not fulfill the demands of their users. Tinder to have Moments service similar to Snapchat, but this was discontinued in November 2015.

Users shared their photos but it disappeared after a short interval of time.

Other apps, will also be the part of apps service store, including group videos, chat app house party.

Tinder is making g it easier to update their profiles more often with personal information, photos, stories. Tinder and Snapchat users will be able to send a snap to My Tinder story option right from within the Snapchat app.

The launch is an integral part of a snap kit which integrates more than 200 apps. Keeping in mind the up gradation, the Snapchat emoji section will be integrated, where users create a cartoon version of themselves and will be fun to use it.

It is also announced that Snapchat users will be able to share details about Netflix shows and movies that are streamed on Netflix.

Counting from the last year, Snapchat announced that users will be able to search products on Amazon by just pointing their camera at an item or barcode.


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