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One Plus 6 review: Rumors, release date, design, price

One Plus 6 is one of the next upcoming new smartphones.There is a gossip like it is smarter, classier and even does have more power. The software of the phone is simple and unique and also it is easily accessible. The features of the phone are not so complicated that it cannot be understood by people.

However, this phone is surely going to change the mind of the people The One plus 6 is going to beat One Plus 5T right now. Among the other big brands, one plus 6 assures to be the superior model

We have a ton of data about the new phone, so here’s all that you have to consider the new One plus 6.

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One Plus 6: Release date

One Plus has affirmed that its next new model One plus 6 will be going to launch between 1 April and 30 June. Given past frame, I’d figure that implies a June release date, which was apparently affirmed in the current Weibo spill, yet let us see.

OnePlus 6: Price

The recent Weibo link confirmed the One plus 6 prices listed at $749, which approximately £550 is making it extreme cheaper than the other phones it is expected to compete against.


One Plus 6 will unquestionably join a bezelless 18:9 screen like one on the One Plus 5T, obviously.

However, we can hypothesize that the organization will keep on using those clever Samsung-made Optic AMOLED screens it’s been utilized on its gadgets for a long time. For a considerable length of time, One Plus hasn’t wandered past Full HD resolution for its display cases. What we can expect is that One Plus continues to advance its color calibration techniques and also recommend its customers a choice between an exact RGB color style and an extra punchier and vibrant one for all those who long for more liveliness

Fingerprint Scanner

A rumor is it could be one of the first manufacturers to use a fingerprint scanner entrenched into the screen. Of course, this is denying the revealed image which visibly shows a rear-positioned fingerprint scanner. Even this model is using OLED displays, which are a required in-display fingerprint scanning techs to operate, this gossip is not at all unconfirmed.


The One plus 6 will positively possess a dual camera, just like its predecessors.

One Plus is always open to new experimentation and we can say that it won’t bring back an optical zoom one again. And specific scenarios tells that the things related to camera feature going to improve honestly


We are cheerful to report that One Plus infrequently hold back it on the hardware side. You generally get the most recent best Qualcomm chipset in the organization’s flagship Smartphone, and matched with the lightweight interface, the gadget typically flies and feels snappier than its contemporary competitors

One Plus would run with the most recent Qualcomm chip on the piece, the Snapdragon 845, which presents an appreciated execution support over the Snapdragon 835 that controlled the One plus 5 and 5T.


Like one plus 5, this new model also has that amount of multitasking prowess available at user’s fingertips. Once more, a 6GB RAM will likely be obtainable in the support version of the gadget. it’s good to see One Plus leading many of its opponents with that a great memory accessible.

One Plus 6 will likely continue to offer 64 and 128GB of storage versions of its next phone. One of the most significant facts of a modern phone is its battery – we have no hint what One Plus is planning A sub-3,500mAh unit is almost certainly a safe bet, but we are waiting for the big surprise




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