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Nvidia warns customers to expect RTX 3080 and 3090 shortages to last until 2021

It is not uncommon for a new product to run low on stocks shortly after release. However, Nvidia seems to be experiencing an unprecedented shortage of their brand new flagship GPUs, the RTX 3080 and 3090. Due to its insanely high demand, customers worldwide have been facing difficulties to place their orders for the products. 

Now, Nvidia Boss, Jensen Huang has publicly stated that the company expects the shortages to last longer than expected. According to Huang, the common stock issues will continue this year and go well on to next year. So, customers should not expect a more stable availability for both the products before 2021.

Gamers are, of course, not pleased with the current development. Plus, many industry experts have described the current situation as a disaster on Nvidia’s part. Huang, however, suggests that the shortages are not due to supply but the high demands. In a recent Q&A, he stated that although the company expected huge demand for the RTX 3080 and 3090, the reality has far exceeded their expectations. 

Huang further elaborated on his comments by saying that the combination of the holiday season, next-gen gaming, and the hype surrounding the Ampere-based RTX 30 series has driven the sales. Nvidia is trying to manage the situation by churning out units as quickly as possible. However, that is not helping the situation because the products are not staying on the shelves for long.

Meanwhile, Nvidia’s direct competitor, AMD, is also about to announce their latest CPU and GPU models on October 28.  AMD has already stated that they have ensured their products have enough supply, so it does not have any availability issues. Suppose AMD tags a competitive price tag on their upcoming products. In that case, the company can take advantage of the current situation and gain the upper hand over Nvidia.

In other Nvidia news, the company has now delayed the launch of their RTX 3070 models. The company has done so to ramp up the supply of the 3070 models, so it doesn’t share the same fate as RTX 3080 and 3090.

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