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Netflix, Amazon Prime will keep on streaming: says Delhi High Court

The order that came in the favour of Netflix, Amazon that they will keep on streaming different Web series, movies, serials etc. The order that made a huge relief to its watchers and to their owners, as the case was filed against them that they show vulgarity, harm ethics, display unusual things on it.

The case was raised by NGO called Justice For Rights had petitioned before High Court against the streaming of these popular apps.

In a major victory for the advocates of freedom and creativity in India, the Delhi court had dismissed the petition. They contacted the ministry of information and broadcasting that whether there is any rule to dismiss these apps streaming, the ministry clearly stated no to it. They said that there is no rule or order to dismiss such apps.

The petition has focused on the streaming of some of the popular Web series like Game of Thrones, Sacred Games, Mirzapur, Selection day and many more. They claimed that these shows hurt their ethics, show vulgarity, religiously forbidden and morally unethical, which is not suitable for Indians.

Delhi High Court on Saturday made his decisions. As the ministry of broadcasting has no idea to ban them, so these can’t be banned in such quick notice. The verdict was delivered by the Bench of Chief Justice Rajendra Menon and Justice V K Rao.

The petition to ban these streaming apps was filed By Justice for rights foundation in October, last year.

In November, the Delhi High Court asked the ministry of information and broadcasting that whether there exists any rule to ban these apps.

While hearing the full case, the Bench decided that there is no such rule that could ban these apps from streaming.

These type of practices has been performed earlier also. So to avoid such type of practices Netflix has made orders to create their own ‘Code of Ethics’ and if any content violates the rule then maybe some strict actions are taken.

Netflix has informed that ‘consumers have the right to select and watch their own taste of channels, they will not be burdened to watch the same set of channels.

So till then be assured that no ban is imposed on these apps as these apps keep on the entertaining public by launching the latest movies and Web series.

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